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Scapes and historic places

Recent Work

  • Windsock in the alps by zakaz86
  • Trulli in Alberobello by annalisa bianchetti
  • Coloseum, Rome. Italy by hanspeder
  • The Abandoned Village of Romagnano Al Monte in the Southern Italian Mountains by Jon Shore
  • Light to the Darkness by metriognome
  • Balconies In Verona by lezvee
  • Dome Of The Santa Maria della Salute Basilica, Venice by lezvee
  • Square of Miracles - Pisa by MikeSquires
  • Little chapel on the top of the mountain by zakaz86
  • Temple of Neptune at Paestum Italy by Jon Shore
  • Colorful sunset in the italian vineyards by zakaz86
  • Gondolas across from Le Zitelle - B&W by Tom Gomez

About This Group

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Visions of Italy is for dreamers.
For any photographer that, visiting this country, has been, at least once, captured by those visions that only Italy can offer.

We want only images that have the power to represent enchanted atmospheres, unique moments and stunning views.

We want the very best and most beautiful images in your portfolio to be submitted to this group.

We want to collect a sensational gallery to represent this wonderful country.

Please select carefully the best italian visions you have, images must have a clear and defined composition and a perfect exposure.

Joining and being a member of this group means we have your permission to use your art as an avatar for Challenges, and our Homepage.

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