Villains and Villainesses: The darker side...

Baddies need love too!

Recent Work

  • Witch Temptress by SimplyMrHill
  • Oceanbound by zentees
  • Fries Before Guys by zentees
  • Elephant Zen by zentees
  • Go Away Monday by zentees
  • Zombot - Robot Friend by zentees
  • I Do My Own Stunts by zentees
  • Watermelon by zentees
  • Summertime by zentees
  • Bye by zentees
  • Aloha Summer by zentees
  • Untitled by Graham Farquhar

About This Group

A place for the anti-heroes to congregate and plot their next move.

Every super hero has an arch nemesis. Were looking for all Artwork, Tee designs and Written works dedicated to the bad guys (and girls) of the world.

Sometimes, it is ok for the villain to win…

(Please no politics. Lets keep this fun!)

3 Artworks and 3 Tee designs a day per artist.
Unlimited in total.

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