Mobile: Android Vs iPhone photo apps (no HDR, no post processing)

Group Rules:

The Rules :)

1. Photo must be taken with an Android phone or iPhone. If you’re running Android on an iPhone (yes, it’s been done) then it falls under the Android banner.

2. Must be taken using any of the various photo apps that give the photos a special effect. There are other groups for standard mobile photos. Photos that look too normal will be rejected. Also, no post processing of the photo in other apps. Please submit exactly the way the app you take the photo with creates the image. This group is meant to highlight the photo apps, not your photoshop skills.

(NOTE: I’m sorry but HDR simulation just looks too much like any ordinary photo. This group started out as Vignette vs Hipstamatic, but since many people ignored that anyway, and since there are other good apps out there it has changed to become more inclusive, but the fake HDR treatments just offend my personal sensibility of what good photo treatment is.)

3. No text added to the photos please. It’s about the image.

4. Description must mention phone type and app used. Treatment type would also be great, but not essential.

5. Please only 2 per 24 hrs so everyone gets a look in, and so you only submit your favorites.

6. Have fun :)