Video Montage Group

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Recent Work

  • "Beezoidz".....on display at my exhibition.  by atomikboy
  • Watching and Wishing by Tamara Valjean
  • Snarl by Lisa Putman
  • A Lighter Lady by imageworld
  • I ka by matt lant
  • Clockwork revolution 3 by andytechie
  • Macedon Walk. by JohnArnold
  • Night of the Bloodsuckers by frogster
  • This Bedroom Glare by Craig 'has a nice' Dick
  • In the cauldron by Geraldine Lefoe
  • Zebras by Brenda Thour
  • Boats  by sweetscent62

About This Group


1) You are a member of Redbubble

2) Only submit a maximum of 1 photo in total.. We wish to have as wide a participation as possible.

3) You explicitly retain the copyright over your work

3a) but must be willing to allow the artwork you have submitted to be used in a video and it will then be posted to video sharing sites such as: myspace, metacafe, break, revver and youtube. You have a right to embed that video into your own social networking sites..

4) As each picture is shown on the screen we will have your artwork title and your name on the screen at the same time.

5) Depending on the video, this will dictate how long each picture is shown – but it will be either a 2 second, a 3 second or 5 second view per picture.

6) Judging will be undertaken by the owner of the group, no correspondence will be entered into. However if a picture is refused, please feel free to send something else in.

8) The music will be a specially created track for this project. Created in its entirety by the Group Creator. The musician is called “MuscularTeeth”. If you would like an indicator of what music this is;

9) Depending on the response received wil determine how many vidoes are produced. We envision at least one, and depending on its response will dictate howmany more are made

10) Enjoy the entire process and look forward to seeing your pictures on a slideshow movie!

Please get more people to join this group – and send the videos to at least 5 new people…..we want to show off the many artists around and make this thing HUGE !

See the group rules and join this group here

Your Hosts