-VaVoom! Vibration in Art and Verse 1/24

Art and Writing in all Genres


  • LindaPerryMcC

    Summer Reverie by LindaPerryMcC

    Cloudless carefree summer days
    When youth is rich in bloom
    Are rife with fun-filled happenings
    Spontaneity presumed…

    My favorite recreation
    Was beach side on the dune
    Later friends would gather there
    As eve

    115 words
  • SimplyRed

    The boys by SimplyRed

    They hugged as brothers no doubt in this nannas mind ….
    These boys have been raised with love and grace and taught to be kind …..
    Two brothers being kind and caring a smile upon their face
    For no oth…

    112 words
  • jane mcainsh

    Miss You by jane mcainsh

    As I sadly recall…..

    75 words

    Sound Mind by MINDSET

    …time or money…

    187 words
  • su2anne

    The racketeer by su2anne

    The paranoid are the vestibules
    Allowing all manner of terrors in.
    The collective fixate on the few;
    Underpinned by the Web of untruth.

    45 words
  • JRGarland

    In All That You Do by JRGarland

    Painted mountains flowing along the tides
    Drifting through nature’s lonely sounds
    Singing melodies of rivers in the mist
    As an orchestra playing around life’s majestic soul…

    Allow nature’s carpet roll fo

    93 words
  • LindaPerryMcC

    High Country by LindaPerryMcC

    Oh whisk me away to a western slope
    Where the mountains it would seem
    Have valleys in the foothills
    And lakes as clear as streams…

    How lovely to be in high country
    Where beauty and majesty reign
    And the cl

    99 words
  • RC deWinter

    fifteen by RC deWinter

    *whenever i feel harshness mantling me
    in its dark wings i go there and sit
    timetravelling *

    398 words
  • LindaPerryMcC

    In Another World by LindaPerryMcC

    Displaced and disabled
    She’s old now and bent
    Misplaced on the morrow
    Her mind up and went
    She languishes daily
    In an old folk’s home
    With a buzzer attached
    In case she should roam
    How could this happen
    To …

    192 words
  • su2anne

    The unforseen by su2anne

    Filaments of sunshine refract on bubbles
    As we let go a sigh…
    And it can be in this moment
    That clarity is born…

    54 words
  • Hector A. Encinas

    A song for Sophia (c) by Hector A. Encinas

    A song for my baby girl
    Song for Sophia by Hector A Encinas

    266 words
  • LindaPerryMcC

    From Here to There by LindaPerryMcC

    The trek of life is rugged and long
    On average some seventy years
    Guaranteed not to be easy
    With promise of heartache and tears…

    There are jagged rocks that cut deeply
    You may need to stop now and again

    167 words

    some place else by MINDSET


    92 words
  • LindaPerryMcC

    The Two Great Commandments by LindaPerryMcC

    All the law and prophets given
    Hang upon these two
    Necessary to our lives
    Commandments we must do
    First to love the Lord, our God
    With all our heart and mind
    Our strength and all our might as well
    As He lov…

    302 words
  • Faith Magdalene Austin

    Thunderstorm by Faith Magdalen...

    until its almost normal. Im used to being wet. Its in my heart, lungs, legs and knees. The rumblings make my teeth chatter. My body swings to the tune. There’s a thunderstorm, a lightning fire in my

    457 words
  • su2anne

    Moon time by su2anne

    With the body all but disappeared
    All the senses but gone
    There just IS
    And in this moment
    There is Universal Eternity

    85 words
  • greeneyedlady

    the climbing by greeneyedlady

    the pulling up
    the heaving out
    the landing
    the firm earth catching me
    the first moments of relaxation
    the relief of the release
    the roar of the pit recedes
    the stillness is brief
    the birds begin to sing

    38 words
  • LindaPerryMcC

    Rejoice In the New Day Given by LindaPerryMcC

    Rejoice in the new day given
    A gift with thanks to receive
    Have faith in the glorious Giver
    Give room that you might believe…

    The dawn of the new day has broken
    Revealing the smile of the Son
    Lift up your

    101 words