Verses Dark

Poetry (and Art) inspired by dark, morbid or otherwise "unsavory" thoughts.


  • Paul Douglas Robertson

    SEX SCENE 82,000 HITS by Paul Douglas R...

    She stretched and slowly lowered her head to the floor and closed her eyes, the smile lingering about her lovely lips.

    2207 words
  • indigo-song

    Sirens Call by indigo-song

    i call to thee sweet vision
    come seek my heart of woeful song
    for thou art lost to the ocean
    and i am the home you seek

    6.2018 I-S-©

    30 words
  • indigo-song

    Resetting The Game by indigo-song

    I visit the vortex edge once more
    tipping into the abyss too easily…

    letting go of the cord that holds me fast
    From the anchor of hope in the shadows

    When the distance is long enough
    The dripping candle

    145 words
  • su2anne

    Hindsight... by su2anne

    Erosion and salinity whisper on hot dry winds
    Clickety clack
    No rest for the dead as they turn in their graves…

    53 words
  • su2anne

    Languish by su2anne

    If you rip the band-aid off real quick
    It’s s’posed to be better… right?
    Sure if it’s not stuck fast
    In which case there’s a whole lotta hurt and detritus besides…

    97 words
  • su2anne

    The feckless spider by su2anne

    Cowered in the farthest corner of Her mind
    The web She has woven pulls choker tight
    With just enough give so that She can bare witness to a world gone mad

    34 words
  • su2anne

    The trivet by su2anne

    But what then…
    Would time still exist
    And my ego
    Could it allow me not to be
    Imagine that…

    117 words
  • su2anne

    Roulette of prescience by su2anne

    “Do opposites really attract?” the Mad hatter thought …”Unlikely.”
    Jagged teeth rim the rabbit hole
    The gamble is to throw the glassy red eyes any which way.

    74 words
  • su2anne

    When will it stop... by su2anne

    Practice makes perfect
    So it is said…
    A blow to the gut
    A crack to the head.

    59 words
  • su2anne

    And so its always been by su2anne

    The stink of the forsaken can not rise forth
    For the hatch of this vessel
    Will always remain closed to me and mine…

    63 words
  • Andrew Nawroski

    Mind of a Surrealist Sheep. by Andrew Nawroski

    wearing the strangest coat of finest twist
    that’s all fluffed out like morning mist

    144 words
  • Nancy Ames

    A Red Wolf by Nancy Ames

    I saw a red wolf once, when I
    happened to look out through
    a midwinter dawn window.

    326 words
  • su2anne

    The false prophet by su2anne

    She stepped into the shallows of promise
    Raising her arms to the heavens
    She shed her dusty old robe to let go of the past and sank into the abyss of his lies…

    57 words
  • su2anne

    No man’s land by su2anne

    Why do you run
    So that I can hide
    A mewling babe lay
    Where freshly turned earth speaks sweet nothing
    Though I no longer taste for all sound has gone
    White noise covers my remains

    38 words
  • su2anne

    To staunch the flow by su2anne

    A pin prick brings no relief
    A gash just a side long glance
    A gouge puzzlement of what lay beneath
    How deep must I go to feel?

    30 words
  • su2anne

    Faith by su2anne

    The seeing eye is blind
    Truth be told is now lost in her wasteland
    The shards of light catch a glimpse of what could be…

    29 words
  • su2anne

    The harmony by su2anne

    Pooling they gather momentum;
    A spinning vortex of sweet sorrow
    Becomes a mighty helix of thrumming song that is the unsevered chord…

    42 words
  • su2anne

    Forever lost by su2anne

    A large crack appeared in a wall to release its captive
    Striking the floor; the desiccated husk, fragmented.
    Tiny pieces of She caught in an eddy of a memory
    Is all that remains…

    112 words