Verses Dark

Poetry (and Art) inspired by dark, morbid or otherwise "unsavory" thoughts.


  • Daria by ururuty
  • Winter's Breath by drakhenliche
  • You struck my face from your memory, and forgot that I loved your darkness most by strawberries
  • my ressurrection by helene ruiz
  • And she felt his absence so keenly, she wasn't sure if she was waiting for him or for the feelings to fade by strawberries
  • A delicate strand of fairy lights by strawberries
  • Uliana by ururuty
  • I would be lying if I ever said I didn't love you by strawberries
  • Trippy Headphone Cat by Adrian Day
  • Alina by ururuty
  • curious owl by ururuty
  • Feed the Rain by Karen Nadine
  • Ghost train by Karen Nadine
  • anna by ururuty
  • Girls Reunion by BluePotatoo
  • daria by ururuty
  • MOON IS A FIDDLE by John Legry
  • artist by ururuty