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  • Hell Embrace No.2 by Boris Ivkov
  • bloodlet by titus toledo
  • ecclesiastes 4:5 by titus toledo
  • bleed us not by titus toledo
  • Zombie Killer by Nicklas Gustafsson
  • Feed by SubduedShadow
  • voracious  by Heather King
  • The Priestess of Lilith. by darkvampire
  • Classical Tragedy by MissAudrey
  • She'll eat you alive by DarthSpanky
  • hurt by titus toledo
  • The Rabbit In Me Is Dead by SubduedShadow
  • Bellatrix by Nicklas Gustafsson
  • opus malignus by titus toledo
  • The Rolling Dead - The Walking Dead for Skaties! by ptelling
  • The Red Handle Machete - AMC The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes by ptelling
  • My Heart on Platter  by LoneAngel
  • Vampire Embrace by Shinja