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Recent Work

  • Hell Embrace No.2 by Boris Ivkov
  • bloodlet by titus toledo
  • ecclesiastes 4:5 by titus toledo
  • bleed us not by titus toledo
  • Zombie Killer by Nicklas Gustafsson
  • Feed by SubduedShadow
  • voracious  by Heather King
  • The Priestess of Lilith. by darkvampire
  • Classical Tragedy by MissAudrey
  • She'll eat you alive by DarthSpanky
  • hurt by titus toledo
  • The Rabbit In Me Is Dead by SubduedShadow

About This Group

Welcome to Blood Red! This group is dedicated to images and writing (fiction and non-fiction) on vampires.

“He could not tell whether her breath was as hot as fire or as cold as ice…whether she was alive or dead…”
F. Marion Crawford, For the Blood is the Life

Join the group forum, tell us why you love (or hate) the idea of vampires.

Group Challenge
We have continuous challenges running. Come and see what our current theme is here
Update Challenge winner is Tabitha Jones with Gothic Roses Stop by and congratulate her!

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Group guidelines

(1) Please only post works and journals directly relating to vampires.
(2) If the moderators are not able to identify some vampire aspect to a posted work, your work will be removed (generic dark or gothic have their own groups).
(3) Help the moderators – if you think your work may be obscure, explain your vampire related inspiration in the description. If there isn’t any, don’t add it to the vampire group.
(4) Please don’t add add more than three pieces per day.
(5) If your work is removed, you might not receive any explanation. But if you want to ask for one, bubblemail a moderator. Be prepared to answer the question ‘how does the removed work relate to vampires?’
(6) Please add “Fan Art” or “Inspired By” and credit to whomever owns the copyright of a particular idea, movie, original art piece, book, or T.V. series if your work is based off of any of them. An example-a drawing of Edward from Twilight. “Edward-Fan art, original copyright by (author of the book) and from the movie Twilight (production house that holds that particular movie under their copyright.)” Even if you only put one-the author and not the production house- (in this example) it will be accepted. None of the above-and it will be automatically denied.

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