AMERICA's National Parks and WILDLIFE Habitat

Group Rules:

Guidelines and Rules

-Images Must have been taken in one of the US national Parks, Sea shores,
-Make sure image is recognizable for that national park as per description
-Photography ONLY-paintings not accepted
-Images MUST HAVE detailed description.NO images without DESCRIPTIONS and NO DESCRIPTION of two words ONLY..lengthly description is a MUST
-WILDLIFE is ACCEPTED must be good clarity and related to National parks habitat
-NO florals,plants,trees there is other groups for that
-NO structures unless they are known LANDMARKS inside national Park
-NO STATE PARKS work only National Parks

-NO Poor focus, blurring, motion artifact and keep horizon level,water level
-NO washed out and bleached out skies without colours
-NO snapshots
-WILDLIFE with location description and detailed quality(close ups)

In order to maintain quality of images and in respect to those who have already quality images in the group all photos posted will be posted with the aproval method.

This group is for the epxression of the beauty of are National Treasures.

Thank you
Mark Foster

P.S. Redbubble just elected me to be a host of this group I’ll try to keep things the same but there are three other new host here also I I’ll try to respect there wishes. I’ll update eveyone when any changes occure.