Urban Wildlife

A place to upload your best media of wildlife taken in cities and towns.

Recent Work

  • Ground Bug by relayer51
  • GREAT BLUE HERON by TomBaumker
  • Eastern Water Dragon, Canberra, Australia by indiafrank
  • Along Came A Spider by © Loree McComb
  • First Things First by Otto Danby II
  • The one eyed Tui - blindsided by a Bee........! by Roy  Massicks
  • RACOON by TomBaumker
  • Surprise visitor by Denzil
  • cute little deer by Nicole W.
  • ALLIGATOR by TomBaumker
  • Bath Day by Otto Danby II
  • Gliding on Moire Silk by Georgia Mizuleva

About This Group

There is a huge abundance of natural wildlife in our towns and cities and this group is for all those wildlife color images you have taken in the urban environment that don’t really fit into other nature groups. We don’t mind if your bird is perched on a chimney, your butterfly is on a wall, or if your bear or raccoon is raiding a garbage bin. We simply want to see those photographs that have not been taken in mountains, or forests or fields. We are happy to see images of all wildlife including insects and wild flowers as long as they have been captured in the urban environment including gardens and parks. However, we do not wish to see zoo or sanctuary animals, as they are kept in captivity and as such are no longer ‘wild’ in the true sense of being free.

We hope that this group will be partly educational, and for that reason we ask you to try to identify your species before submitting it to the group. The internet is a vast resource and “North American Butterflies” or “European Birds” when typed into a popular search engine will reveal a host of useful sites, enabling you to discover what it is you have photographed. Any additional information, such as general location, that you can impart to Redbubblers in your descriptions will be greatly appreciated, as it all adds to the educational experience for others.

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