Urban Exploration

Where Urban Explorers share their works and their ideas.

Recent Work

  • Escapism by Ben Loveday
  • Send Me A Post Card  by Shaun Colin Bell
  • The Bridge's Last Photos by WildestArt
  • Ateliers Centraux #32 by yanshee
  • Coke en Stock by yanshee
  • Coke en Stock 02 by yanshee
  • Ferme Vaine by yanshee
  • Performers View by CarlsonImagery
  • Manoir aux statues by yanshee
  • Urbex - Glass Factory 04 by yanshee
  • Over The Back Fence by Ben Loveday
  • Glass Factory 2 by yanshee

About This Group

Ever wonder what is inside that dark tunnel or the deserted building or industrial complex you pass on your way to work every day?

There are a vast number of spooky and surreal derelict, abandoned buildings, homes, industrial sites, equipement and vehicles. This group is solely about exploration of them primarily (though not exclusively) in visual terms.

Share your experiences and enjoy!

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