The Urban Environment

The Urban Environment is the playground in which so many interactions occur. Where bridges are made, broken and crossed. When we stop to pause, we notice a richness and a multiplicity of complex layers, each with its own uniqueness.

Recent Work

  • Untitled by anthonyxbailey
  • i'm just not there in the streets by anthonyxbailey
  • cozy af by anthonyxbailey
  • sss by anthonyxbailey
  • Burmese boy musician, Chatuchak markets, Bangkok, Thailand by indiafrank
  • Twilight Dahlia with Texture by SummerJade
  • Alternative Truth by Ben Loveday
  • Winter Sunset over New York City  by Alberto  DeJesus
  • Winter Sunset over New York City  by Alberto  DeJesus
  • Vlaaiekensgang - Antwerp by Gilberte
  • Louvre and the Eiffel Tower - Paris France by Norman Repacholi
  • Railroad Station Lighting by Martha Sherman

About This Group

Grime. The City. Beautiful and Elegant. Abandoned and Broke.

This is the place to post interpretations of the city. This can include urban landscapes or fragments and places.
The urban context is important, and artists are encouraged to include pieces with a sense of atmosphere and purpose.

Accompanying descriptions may help convey this in a broader sense.

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