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This is a Group devoted to writers only who wish to one day be published

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This is a group devoted only to writers who wish one day to be
published … poetry, prose, short stories will all be accepted. Writers must be serious about their desire to move forward and have a career in writing. All members must be
willing to comment, encourage and critique other member’s writings with respect and without diminishing the writer’s efforts…

March 2,2017 Special Feature

Within Caring Arms” by John Garland

Imprisoned shadows swell in the stillness of night
Where heroes capture stars in a moonlit sky
Harboring woes left to rot and decay in withered dreams
There’s no end to the darkness left to hide

Caged are the memories of hollowing despair
Brought to the edge of mountain cliffs to drop
A Mocking bird chatters unto lifeless screaming
Borrowing tunes of ghosts dwelling in summer’s gloom

Oh heavenly passions, come whisper your joys I plea
Let me bask in your glorious healing delights
That rest may come in streams of comfort
And my soul be at peace within your caring arms

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