Unwanted , Abandoned & Saved Through Preservation. *(BUILDINGS ONLY)*

A Group to feature the beauty of empty and abandoned Buildings.

  • Great Western Store, Hill End. by Ian Ramsay
  • Sacred Heart Catholic church, Hill End, by Ian Ramsay
  • Homestead, Burra SA by Tim Coleman
  • Steampunk - Plumbing - The valve matrix by Michael Savad
  • Door to Stanislavski by DmitriyM
  • The "Credit Crunch" Arms by Colin  Williams Photography
  • Palace Lights by PFrogg
  • Abandoned Memory by Maria Dryfhout
  • control by justinGC
  • FOREVA-ALWAYZ, Cockatoo Island, Sydney by Ian Ramsay
  • Sitting Alone by rachael crozier
  • abandoned welsh long house by Cat Edwards
  • Ruined Nave and Tower by Tom Gomez
  • Another Old Barn in Homer by Chelei
  • If only walls could speak ... by Rosalie Dale
  • a slight trichotomy by james smith
  • The Locked Door by Lois  Bryan
  • Clothier & Draper ~ Australian Pioneer Village, Wilberforce by Rosalie Dale