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How to find the stats on your photos.

Christopher  Ewing Christopher E... 1946 posts

I thought I would post this for those who might not know how to find the stats on their photos.
Some probably already know, and thanks for your patience with us trying to help others who might not know.
When you’re viewing your photo, right click on it. You will see a menu, at the bottom of that menu is the word “Properties”, click on that.
Once there, you will see two tabs, click on the second tab. What you will first see is the summary, click on “Advanced”, you will now see what the stats are, date and type of camera you created that photograph with. It’s also a great tool for proving that the photograph is Your’s.
We dont expect everyone to add the stats to their old work (unless they want to go back and do it), but on the newer submissions, it would be nice to have there. This allows viewers of your work to see how you have manipulated your camera to achieve the results you are producing.
Hope this info helps.

JohnEvans JohnEvans 16 posts

Thanks very much Chris. And here I thought when people posted their camera settings, they had incredible memories or else kept a journal. LMAO. I feel so much better after reading your helpful hint. Thanks again.

Thow's Photography Thow's Photogr... 68 posts

Great idea thanks for that info

CapturedByKylie CapturedByKylie 1990 posts

Thanks Chris, this helps so much! It is great when there are people in the world (like you) who can explain things in SIMPLE terms so everybody understands!

Enivea Enivea 93 posts

I agree entirely with Kylie :-)) Thank you very much!

Chipper Chipper 14 posts

As of 1/4/09, please do go back and add the info if you want your image considered for future “features”.

Karen  Betts Karen Betts 3348 posts

Thank you SOOO much it works : ) I have just managed to get my 1st set of readings. Hope i have put enough on the image i have just submitted to you for it to be okay for the group rules It is Weir at Bungay.


Dayonda Dayonda 218 posts

Thanks, Chris. It’s been 20 years since I took any pics, so it’s almost as if I’d never seen a camera before- very frustrating!

Chipper Chipper 14 posts

From one of our members who uses Photoshop a lot:

For those who use Photoshop CS3, they need to open photo,
go to FILE,
CAMERA DATA 1, and they can get all this info on the photo.

If they use Bridge to get to Photshop, the same thing applies, open photo, file, file info, camera data 1, bingo… they have the info.
Hope this helps, you can place in forum if you like. Pat

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6333 posts

Wow! Thankyou for that! I flatly refuse to use photoshop or similar, but I would have no idea what settings I used at any one time. Even when I am “out there” and understand for a brief second what I am doing, stepping away from the more automatic modes on my dSLR, I end up having NO idea what I did.

I think that looking at some of my better pictures taken with it, then using the properties to write exactly what settings the cameras used for that shot, might be a better education than all the “400d for dummies” “dSLRs for dummies” and all the other books put together.

Thankyou for that tip! I had no idea you could do that (although am now not so freaked out by how Flickr knows what settings were used by my 2.0mp camera or even my phone) :-)

Kylie: agreed

John: I considered doing the journal thing before, although I use simply “sports” “landscape” or “close up” a lot of the time but I can literally take 2 or 3 thousand shots a day if that was my sole purpose of going out and I am somewhere awesome or in a zoo… not enough paper in the world :-P :-)

Happy new year!

tinhearts tinhearts 52 posts

Thank you for the info. I just sent out my camera for some work to be done because it stopped taking picture.
I usually don’t know anything about the camera. Can I still add work that I have already taken until my camera gets fixed?
I will have to read this all over again and again until it sinks in;)

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