The Healing Journey

Introduction to the HEALING JOURNEY: The intent of this group is to provide a forum for members to dialogue, through their art, their emotional and psychological journeys to inner feelings, conflicts, and motivations.

Recent Work

  • Going where the light is by jchanders
  • Buddhist Prayer for Peace by Julie Marks
  • K-Day for M & E by Kuba Gornowicz
  • Tranquil Waters by Dawnsky2
  • The apparition by Alan Kenny
  • Genetic cat 2 in polkascape with tiles by Alan Kenny
  • Vespidae by Jason Asher
  • TEACHING A DREAM by RamsayGee
  • Rising through planes of existence  by Lawrence Alfred Powell
  • Life beyond addictive consumerism  by Lawrence Alfred Powell
  • Nirvana by Lawrence Alfred Powell
  • Courage of vision  by Lawrence Alfred Powell

About This Group

Introduction to the HEALING JOURNEY:

The intent of this group is to provide a forum for members to dialogue, through their art, their emotional and psychological journeys to inner feelings, conflicts, and motivations. Art becomes the path toward embracing, understanding, and releasing emotions to foster a greater sense of well being in an atmosphere where creativity can flourish.

Members are encouraged to explore the fluid nature of their chosen medium and in so doing, let go of preconceived ideas; most creative moments occur when we follow our instincts more so than our heads. Feelings enliven us, giving color and texture to our experiences. To feel the full range of emotions is akin to painting with a complete palette of colors or, using music as a metaphor, playing with all eighty-eight keys on the piano. The Latin roots of the word emotion tell the tale, i.e (our)+movere (move).

Writing and listening to music connect us with feelings that flow naturally like a river or just like a river, get dammed up. If blocked, they build up in the unconscious, blocking awareness. Eventually, repressed feelings overflow or burst out in a deluge. Mental and physical health are improved when we are involved in the expressive arts. Studies have shown that writing about one’s illness or inner life boosts immunity and restores balance and harmony in our lives. Creative expression is medicine for the soul.

Daily life, work, errands, and raising children leave little time to recapture the wonder we knew as children. The light gets dimmer, the path more obscured, until we find that we have disconnected from our inner world having watched our dreams fade into the background. The expressive arts such as photography, poetry, painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, and journaling become more necessary as we face the demands and responsibilities of adulthood. We can’t afford to lose the awe of the magical years of childhood.

In this group, we will seek to refuel the artistic process by exploring “paths” toward unlocking the creative spirit. Suggested readings will be posted in a bibliography. We will offer challenges to facilitate creative expression. Rewards or prizes will include donations to charities that support the medical problems of our members, their friends and families. Names of charities that support animal and wildlife causes will be included.
In order to facilitate this interaction and self-expression, we need to have a few guidelines:

1. We encourage each member to introduce/himself in the forum including your concerns about an illness, psychological or medical, that concerns you, family or friends.
2. In order to have all art works of all members have more or less “equal” exposure, please upload a maximum of two pieces a day. This includes all forms of art, photography, poetry, writing, and journal entries.
3. To keep the quality of entries at a high standard, only upload what you consider your best work.
4. Please only include images or writing that deals with psychological or medical issues. Also include a brief description of how your artwork relates to the theme of our group. There have been some wonderful examples of artwork where members have drawn or written about their pain or represented the plight of other sentient beings with whom we share the earth. Helene Ruiz has given me permission to use her work as a good example of an artist who has drawn her pain after a severe spinal injury. Pairing your artwork with poetry and narratives is highly encouraged. A new member of redbubble and our group, faithart has given me permission to use one of her works as an example of an artist who has paired her artwork with poetry. Her oil painting “Fawn”,is a poignant painting of an endangered animal and an excellent example of integrating visual artwork with poetry.
5. Members are encouraged to keep a journal to record feelings, thoughts and dreams.

And so we begin with support, hope and encouragement to all who walk the path of the healing journey.

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