Quality Unlimited Photography - 3 per day - photos only

Group Rules:

- Limit your submissions to a MAXIMUM OF 3 PER DAY.

- Only submit YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST PHOTOGRAPHS – (NOT “snapshots”).

- The main thing that will be considered when you submit is the TECHNICAL ASPECTS of your photo.

- When submitting, please keep in mind that WE WILL NOT ACCEPT:
• out of focus,
• blurry,
• noisy,
• over-exposed,
• under-exposed or POORLY OR OVER EDITED shots,
• shots where composition has not been considered.

- Absolutely any kind of photography is acceptable. I.e: Macro photography, landscape photography, black and white photography, nude photography (no fetish shots), portrait photography, conceptual photography, etc, etc.

- Photos with edited contrast, saturation, levels, etc, are acceptable, as well as HDRs. HOWEVER, 360º PANORAMAS, FRACTURED & INVERTED PHOTOS ARE NOT. Photos with the ORTON EFFECT and FLOOD FILTER used on them will also be rejected.

- Overly airbrushed or retouched photos will be rejected.

- Collages aren’t accepted.

- Textured photos are accepted as long as the texture doesn’t overpower the image.

- This is a photography-only group – digital art – i.e: photo manipulations and traditional art – won’t be accepted.

- Photos mustn’t have writing on them – watermarks are fine. Subtle borders are also okay. Photos with writing in the border are also fine.

- I realise that ‘high quality’ is very open to interpretation so before you submit to the group, please contemplate whether you feel your photo fits into that category.

- Anything morally objective will be rejected. We won’t accept photos of rodeos, animal cruelty, dead animals or anything promoting hate or violence.

- Please respect the moderators’ decisions.

- Enjoy yourselves!