The World Around Us

Group Rules:

Given that RedBubble is home to multiple groups, this group wants absolutely the very best quality work you create.

Please ensure the location is included in the title or supporting text of works submitted.

This group may not accept imagery of macro bugs; pets; flowers; cute children; sentimental greeting card-style portraiture; clichéd depictions of sunrises/sunsets; holiday snapshots. Many other groups already cater to these themes.

Photographers please note – as-is photography or minimal tone/colour correction only please. No HDR, no Photomatix, no tone mapping, no textures, no Topaz, no Orton, and no layers, no digitally created borders, multiples or signatures. Thanks.

Only default images will be accepted in the gallery. No writing on images (unless in the photograph as taken). Frames or borders are not permitted.

From 10 July 2015, the following with not be accepted: digital art; graphic slogan art; photos or sketches with obvious digital manipulation.

Preference is given to works where the default view is Image Only. Works where the default view is a product may be rejected.

Please do not add several images of the same picture. One version is enough.

Maximum two uploads per day.

Journal and writing submissions will be accepted if they are well written and related to travel or the wonders of our world. Social posts such as ‘Hey I am holidaying in Nova Scotia this month" aren’t what we’re looking for in the group’s writing posts.

The group hosts maintain the right to be selective on what is included.

Postings should fall within Redbubble content guidelines. Work containing nudity or so-called “adult-concepts” should be designated “not suitable for workplace viewing”.