Mythological Creatures

A group especially for all types of Mythological Creatures, (was Unicorns group)


  • DeeLishess

    The Titian Fae by DeeLishess

    I too followed along
    Dancing the delights of her hallowed song

    211 words
  • DeeLishess

    Just A Dream by DeeLishess

    I was glad to be out of the nightmare… He turned to face me, beaming a warm comforting smile. I reached over and held his hand. It was so warm and light……

    We were driving in his 96 Pontiac Grand AM wi

    878 words
  • EnchantedDreams

    Some Helpful Tips To Attract More Buyers To Your Gallery! by EnchantedDreams

    Signing up with a big, well-known art website (like this one) to help sell your art online is usually pretty easy and sometimes even free. But after a few months with no sales many of you will begin …

    713 words
  • EnchantedDreams

    Snail Joke by EnchantedDreams

    This man had just sat down to his christmas dinner when there was a knockat the door.He opened the door, he looked right, looked left, but there was no one there.He looked down, and there was this li…
    140 words
  • DeeLishess

    A Living Looking Glass by DeeLishess

    I can see into your soul
    If you let me……

    Because your body language betrays you
    With a nervous laugh
    A shifting gaze
    An innocuous folding of the arms
    The way you hold your mouth when you look at me
    My eyes

    131 words