Group Rules:

Welcome to the Under-In Group!

The moderator cannot always know how the image was captured so you MUST explain in the description or title how the image is either DIRECTLY Under something or TOTALLY Inside something. If there is no description, the image will not be accepted.

NOTICE The moderator has begun to remove members who continue to submit images that obviously do not belong in our gallery of Under-In, i.e., they in no way are either INSIDE a totally enclosed space or directly UNDER something. If you submit more than three images that blatantly do not adhere to the rules you can expect to be removed from the group.

Things you should check your image for before submitting your image.

- Is the image clear with excellent focus and great composition.

- Is the image taken inside a totally enclosed space (i.e., caves, rooms, etc.)

- Is the image taken directly underneath something (i.e., bridge, tree, etc)

- Have you put in the description what it is?

- Is it family friendly content. If it was a movie it would have to be rated G “General Audiences”

Do not be discourage if your image is not accepted into the gallery. Just review the gallery again, make any adjustments you need to and submit more images for consideration.

Submitted work is not automatically accepted into our gallery. Do not enter your work into a challenge until you know for sure it was approved and accepted into our gallery, please. Hosts are members and are allowed to enter Challenges as any other member.

Joining and or being an active member of this group means we have your permission to use your art as an avatar for Challenges, on our Homepage, in our Permanent Features Gallery, in our Permanent Winners Gallery, and on our Hosts Outstanding Picks Forum.

The group reserves the right to remove any art work, without prior warning to artist from the group and/or any challenge that does not adhere to both group and RedBubble guideline rules.

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