Construction and Demolished

anything under construction and being Demolished


  • Alien Pyramid by Glen Allen
  • Cooling Tower H by yanshee
  • Chair by Nicole W.
  • Blue blue by Mark E. Coward
  • The Trail photos # 4..(the future)..When I was young I wanted life to go fast..Always in a hurry to see what's next..Maybe if I could slow time down..I might shake loose this reoccurring frown by jammingene
  • Building The Sheriff's Department by WildestArt
  • Factory 2A by yanshee
  • Saint Patrick's Cathedral. Ceiling.  by Alex Preiss
  • Amperes Factory by yanshee
  • Saint Patrick's Cathedral. by Alex Preiss
  • Mgarr Harbour Gozo by Christian  Zammit
  •  Alcatraz Island Lighthouse -  San Francisco California by Buckwhite
  • Latex Factory by yanshee
  • Pink room by yanshee
  • Water Tower by yanshee
  • The Hammer Museum by Allen Lucas
  • Fallen by Nicole W.
  • New England Holocaust Memorial by Alex Preiss