Uncommon Supports to paint on

Do you paint on uncommon supports, such as book pages, newspapers, music records, computer disks, found objects or about anything you might get in your hands? Then this is the right place for you!

Recent Work

  • when balance stretches tight by donna malone
  • leaf skeleton by donna malone
  • madonna and the sardines by donna malone
  • for whom the bells toll by donna malone
  • My Leg by Stacey Lazarus
  • MONA(C1998) by Paul Romanowski
  • EU EVOLUTION(C2018) by Paul Romanowski
  • PLASTIC OCEAN BLUE(C2018) by Paul Romanowski
  • Simple Grass with Multiple roots by BasantSoni
  • Real Paint Proud Pretty Girl and funny Skull by BreakItUp
  • THE EXPERIMENT(C2018) by Paul Romanowski
  • Free Swim by cardonnetattoo

About This Group

This group is about PAINTING OR DRAWING ON UNCOMMON SUPPORTS – which could be both cheap or noble materials -, such as vintage book pages, newspapers, old musical partitions, music records, computer disks, CDs, found objects, cigarette packs, odd pieces of wood or cardboard, old postcards, your desk… Surprise us with your creativity!

What is this group NOT about?

We are not accepting:
+ sculptures!
+ artwork on canvas
+ artwork on all kinds of papers bought in an art supplies shop
+ toned paper bought in an art supplies shop (we accept though unusual pieces of paper sourced outside of an art supplies shop, such as vintage papers, grocery bags…)
+ your scribbles on small pieces of paper
+ drawings or paintings on sketchbook or notebook pages
+ artworks on common paper that is uncommonly cut or collaged
+ NO PRODUCTS such as iphone cases, cards, tees etc…just your quality original artworks

Some examples of Uncommon Supports to paint on

desert song by avalyn
Support: record sleeve

Journey for Insight by caradione
Support: musical partition

His Mouth, Like That Rosebud by Robin King
Support: partially scored corrugated cardboard

Bottom of the broken brown bag by SGLAZARUS
Support: brown bag

Impasse by Thea (tatefox)
Support: newspaper page

this soul by Loui Jover
Support: 16 glued together vintage calculus pages

Our how-tos

We publish monthly how-tos written by our artists:

  1. Zoe Trap – Altered Books
  2. Pascale Baud – The DicofAngle
  3. Thea – Painting on newspaper pages
  4. Other how-tos

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