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Art from dryer lint by Slater Barron

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5019 posts

I first saw Slater Barron’s work in the 1980s, at one of the galleries on the AZ State University campus. Amazing, not sure the pictures will really give you the feel of walking thru an entire room recreated out of dryer lint, but I was thrilled to find her online when I searched for her tonight on a whim.

Slater Barron, the Lint Lady

I have a feeling THIS is the one I saw because the exhibit, place, and year, are about right.

Amazing work. These past 20+ years I doubt I’ve cleaned the dryer lint trap without thinking of her work, especially if the wad of lint is especially thick or colorful.

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Wow….that is amazing…I came across an artist who makes art from wasps nests, but that was few years ago and I don’t remember her name..

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5019 posts

Was it by any chance this artist? I would gladly have given them the wasp nest in our garage, LOL! it is hard to tell if the actual nest played a part or was just a model though. I also like his ceramic and encaustic “crow.”

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No it was someone else, but these are absolutely brilliant…

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Thank you so much Cindy! I didn’t know this artist and I am thankful to you for discovering her!
I don’t understand what this material is though…. Could someone explain?

She has created a very emotional series of lint portraits of her mother, as a part of her “Alzheimer’s Series”.

Mother 1982 (60” x 40”) © Slater BarronMother 1984 (60″ x 40″) © Slater Barron
Mother 1985 (60″ x 40″) © Slater BarronMother 1986 (60” x 40”) © Slater Barron
Mother 1987 (60″ x 40″) © Slater BarronMother 1989 (60″ x 40″) © Slater Barron
Mother 1990 (60” x 40”) © Slater BarronMother’s Memories © Slater Barron
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It’s the lint you remove from the clothes dryer, after every wash…depending on what fabric was in the dryer, you can get quite thick stuff…I have a couple of velour throws that produce wads of lint…you can also save the lint from the trap and amass it which is probably what she does…in addition the dryer hose will yield lint as well…

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5019 posts

Not sure I remember correctly from back in the 80s, but believe when I saw her show, I read in something there, that people also give her their lint. Flannel sheets, and new towels, are good lint makers, too! The show I saw was a reconstruction of a living room with people, knick knacks, furniture, everything you’d find in a home, all made of lint. She made quite a lasting impression. It was really cool how she used the lint like paint to get the colors and shading of things.

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