Uncommon Materials to draw or paint with

Do you paint with acrylics and salt? Watercolours and red wine? Tea and pencils? Inks and lemon? Then this is the right place for you!

OPEN APPLICATION! Uncommon Materials How-Tos - Monthly series of how-tos by our artists - Rewarded with 20$ RedBubble voucher

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Dear members of the Uncommon Materials group,

we are happy you have joined our small and cosy group! We wish to get to know with each member’s artwork, that is why we would like to encourage you to share your know-how about the materials that you use.
Our group wishes to initiate a series of monthly how-tos, written by our artists. Each how-to will be rewarded with a 20$ RedBubble voucher.

List of participants:
December 2011: Angela L Walker – Wax – 20$ Voucher received!
January 2012: Dianne Ilka – Coffee – 20$ Voucher received!
February 2012: Midori Furze – Make-up products – 20$ Voucher received!
March 2012: Thelma Van Rensburg – Food colouring – 20$ Voucher received!
April 2012: Joel Armstrong – Rust – 20$ Voucher received!
May 2012: Fay Helfer – Natural pigments – 20$ Voucher received!
May 2012 special: Marsha Elliott – Painting with beet juice – 20$ Voucher received!
June 2012: Andrew Cain – Painting with butter – 20$ Voucher received!
July 2012: nobody showed interest
August 2012: still open, please express your interest! – Deadline for publication: August 28th
September 2012: still open, please express your interest! – Deadline for publication: September 28th

If you wish to participate in this project, please:
1. read the following rules
2. apply for participation, by posting in this forum a short reply, containing the material you would like to write about
3. wait for our confirmation
Otherwise we cannot promise you that you will be rewarded with a 20$ voucher…

By participating in this project you agree with the following rules.


1. THE PARTICIPATION: We will be able to publish and reward only one member per month. That is why we ask you to contact us through this forum and express your interest, before you do anything else. We will then establish a priority list, with the participating artists, their uncommon material and the publishing month of the how-to. If you are on the list of participants, your how-to will be rewarded with a 20$ RedBubble voucher after it has been published. If you are not on the list, you are free to publish your how-tos and articles in our forum or in your journal, but we might not be able to reward you with a voucher.

2. WHICH MATERIAL: If you paint or draw with more than one uncommon materials, please choose just one material (eg. “red wine”) or group of materials that are similar (eg. “make-up products”). According to our group rules, this has to be a material to draw or paint WITH (not a support to paint on, or a material to apply the paint with). If someone else has already written a how-to about your material, it’s not a problem: Each artist has their own technique and philosophy, so don’t hesitate to write your own how-to about the same material!

3. THE HOW-TO TEXT: The text has to be at least 500 words. It has to be YOUR text! Please do not copy and paste other artists’ how-tos or any other published material. The text does not have to be perfect, correct or complete, it just has to be yours… You may copy excerpts from your blog or website, or from older journals that you have published in Redbubble or elsewhere, but you cannot resubmit an old journal as it is. If you violate the copyrights of another person, you are solely responsible for it.

4. THE HOW-TO STRUCTURE: You can structure your text in form of a personal journal, in form of an interview (questions/answers), in form of a scientific article, in form of a poem, or as you like – this depends on your personal writing style. You can add pictures to your how-to. You don’t know how to add pictures? See RedBubble’s handy guide on posting images and links . If you are the opposite of a computer freak, we can help you with the images.

5. THE HOW-TO CONTENT: The following questions have to be covered in one way or another in your text – the order is irrelevant:
– Which uncommon material to draw or paint with would you like to talk about?
– (optional) What exactly is this material? (for very unconventional materials…)
– (optional) How do you produce this material? (in case you produce the material yourself)
– (optional) What preparations do you have to take before using the material?
– Do you also purchase conventional art supplies? Which conventional materials do you usually mix or use together with this material?
– When did you start using this material?
– How did the idea occur to you to use this material? (influences, inspirations)
– (optional) How original is this material? Are you the only one who uses it or have you seen other artwork painted with this material?
– (optional) Mention some other artists (famous artists, unknown artists, RedBubble artists, any artists…) who use the same material.
– What supports do you use? How do you apply the material on the support? (eg. brush, pen, hands, cloth, spoon….)
– Can you explain more about your technique?
– (optional) Have you tried different kinds of supports? How does the material react when applied to different supports?
– Why did you choose this material? (eg. esthetic, personal, ideological, symbolic or other reasons)
– (optional) Is the material related to your everyday life and habits and how?
– (optional) How is this material related to your creative process? (eg. What comes first: the idea or the material? Does the material define or influence the theme? Does the material inspire you? Do you instinctively grab the material and paint with it?)
– What can you tell us about the conservation of this material? Have you noticed any changes in time (eg. hue, texture, intensity)? Do you store the artworks in particular conditions in order to conserve them better?
– Why did you choose to paint with an uncommon material instead of using the old good watercolours?
– (optional) Does your material make a statement?
– (optional) What other uncommon materials do you use? What other uncommon materials would you like to experiment with? (just name them, don’t explain too much)
– (optional) What is the resonance of your uncommon material to other artists / to the public / to your family and friends…
– (optional) Do you ever say to yourself, “What the fuck am I doing?” If so, what do you do to get past it?
– Give one last useful advice to artists you would like to experiment with this material!
(this list will be improved with time)

Don’t worry, we are not so strict… If some questions do not apply to your material, just skip them. Don’t hesitate adding your own questions. We just want to give a similar aspect to all how-tos, not to restrict your imagination!

6. PUBLISHING THE HOW-TO": Do not publish your how-to in our group before receiving the final OK and the final instructions from our group hosts! The how-to will be posted as a forum thread in our group, so that people can discuss it. After it has been published in our group, you are free to do whatever you like with your how-to (eg. republish it as a journal, or in your blog or facebook…) – after all, it is your how-to…

7. PLEASE: If for any reason (illness, family matters, workload, travel, anxiety…) you cannot deliver your how-to on time, or if you just change your mind, please let us know so that another artist gets the chance to be published.

N.B. We reserve the right to make some small changes to the rules, until this project takes its final form… We will let the interviewed artists know.

By participating in this project, you agree to the following:
1. You are willing to allow to the Uncommon Materials group hosts to make small changes to your how-to that will not affect the content
2. You are willing to allow to the Uncommon Materials group hosts to illustrate your how-to with pictures of their choice
3. You are willing to allow to the Uncommon Materials group hosts to republish your how-to in other online or printed forms such as blogs or PDF-Magazines (of course as YOUR how-to and NOT as their own!)

We are very happy to inaugurate this project today and hope to see many participations!

Note: Don’t forget the time difference issue – I might not be able to reply immediately to your application… Sorry for that…

Dianne  Ilka Dianne Ilka 963 posts

I would be happy to write about coffee painting :) probably not until the new year though. Sounds like fun!

Midori Furze Midori Furze 182 posts

Sounds like a good idea!!
I agree with Dianne. I would like to participate after Christmas.
I can write about my “Lipstick Girls” which I use old make-up products e.g. lipstick.

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 870 posts

I’d love to write about using various waxes (probably a series to separate them)… but I don’t know that I can do it before the end of the month. Let me read through your recommended structure and let you know for sure tomorrow afternoon (US EST). If not December, can I look forward to participating early next year (i.e. March)?

leunig leunig 445 posts

yes I dont mind doing it for you with the foodcolouring,gravy browning etc

Thelma Van Rensburg Thelma Van Ren... 14 posts

I’ll be glad to write about my materials. Please let me know the details.
Thanx for the feature!

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 870 posts

Ina, I’ll do my best to support for Dec but can’t get it to you until after Christmas due to out of town guests arriving 2morrow. Is that ok?

Roy B Wilkins Roy B Wilkins 7 posts

ina thank you i really dont know what i am doing myself -if you want a how to on that i would be glad to help

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Our first How-To is online! Please check it out!
Angela L Walker – A WAXY Recipe for a Colorful Collage

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Our second How-To is now online!
Dianne Ilka – Painting with coffee

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Our third How-To is now online!
Midori Furze – Painting with make-up products

joel armstrong joel armstrong 2 posts

I would be happy to do How to paint with rust this summer, and I will be sure to download my collection, thanks. Joel

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Our fourth how-to is online:
Thelma Van Rensburg – Painting with food colouring

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Our fifth how-to is now online:
Joel Armstrong – Painting with rust

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Our sixth how-to is now online!
Fay Helfer – Pyrography and natural pigments

Ina Mar Ina Mar 176 posts

Our seventh how-to is online!!!
Andrew Cain – Painting with butter

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