TUNNEL VISION (photography only)

Celebrating photography that takes the viewer through the image►maximum 2 images per day◄

Recent Work

  • Fog On A Country Road by WildestArt
  • Scary Trail In Winter by WildestArt
  • Fenced In by Bill Wetmore
  • Mt White Sydney by Andrew Prince
  • Inside the lighthouse by Bill Wetmore
  • Peter Sinclair Bridge by David Haworth
  • The little white house... by Jeremy Lavender Photography
  • Venice Canal  by barkeypf
  • The Commuters by Ben Loveday
  • Inner Demons... by JAZ art
  • Seaford Pier by farq
  • Airport Passageway by Bill Wetmore

About This Group

Please only upload a maximum of 2 images (photographs only) per 24 hours, this will ensure the group maintains a varied range of artists impressions and styles. Ideally we want images that take the viewer through the centre of your subject or inside a tunnel type location… images will not be accepted if they do not clearly represent strong perspective, symmetry & leading lines. We will be looking for artisitc imagination, unique angles and of course quality focus. Enjoy yourself! Here’s the best interpretation of TUNNEL VISION i’ve been able to find…

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