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Double Notification

Monkey4Sale Monkey4Sale 11 posts

It is discussed between myself and some others on a support forum. It would appear that Tee HQ sends double notifications when a t-shirt is accepted into your gallery.

the conversation

igor  malovic igor malovic 2 posts

it does

Natalie Tyler Natalie Tyler 1493 posts

Hi Conrad. This is most likely a bug and something the hosts of this group will be unable to solve with but if anyone else is experiencing the same problem, perhaps they could mention it in the thread so we can get a sense of how widespread it is? These things are often difficult to diagnose so any futher info from others who are seeing the same thing may be helpful.

rosettajallow1 rosettajallow1 119 posts

Quite a few group notifications come double, so it’s a technical problem at RB if the hosts aren’t doing it.

Raz Solo Raz Solo 54 posts

I get this as well….I had assumed it was because a lot of the time I edit a shirt just after posting it (change the default color or add an image of the sticker on the side, stuff like that)….I thought maybe it was because it was being re-accepted into the group after being edited. I guess not though if other people are getting this as well..!

Edith Arnold Edith Arnold 146 posts

ditto..just entered one today . i didnt think anything of it. its not all groups.


The last time I see double notifications very often from some groups.

Gramia97 Gramia97 358 posts

I see it in groups that are not monitored

Rustyoldtown Rustyoldtown 219 posts

I get it too, but I happens with a lot of groups.
When I added a tee to about ten groups I get the messages that my tee has been accepted to those groups but then it repeats the list so instead of ten messages I get twenty.

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1036 posts

We see double notification from a several groups — though I haven’t paid much attention as to which ones. Seems to be a fairly recent thing.

Ray Jackson Ray Jackson 737 posts

some groups double up on features as well

Monkey4Sale Monkey4Sale 11 posts

Tee HQ is the only group that it happens for me. I don’t doubt that it occurs for other groups. It would be interesting to know the similarities between the groups that it does occur in.

sharonthebrave sharonthebrave 7 posts

hi i notice this too it happens to me

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