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I know Star Wars has been done to death but...

maekstar maekstar 18 posts

Hi all,

I wanted to stick this design up here so that I can hopefully get some feedback. I’m pretty new to Tee designing but I’m getting into a good routine of just knocking something up as soon as I get some inspiration. But I really need some comments and feedback and very rarely get any so I’m looking to get more involved in the RB community and get some help improving my work.

I couldn’t think of a better parallel for Rupert Murdoch than the Emperor (and he looks kinda similar too) so I knocked this up…


I look forward to hearing your thoughts.



AndreeDesign AndreeDesign 5 posts

Maybe try incorporating the text more into the design so you don’t have that bottom cutoff to the graphic.

maekstar maekstar 18 posts

Cool thanks Andree. I’ll have a play with it and see what I can come up with


maekstar maekstar 18 posts

Ok I’ve made a small alteration to try and make the image and text.

Firstly do you think this works?

Or do you think it needs something more drastic…

OldManLink OldManLink 5 posts

I like this version much better. Amazing what such a small change can do!

maekstar maekstar 18 posts

Thanks Link! I appreciate the feedback :)

AndreeDesign AndreeDesign 5 posts

I like this better too – cool!