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T-Shirt Headquarters.

Recent Work

  • Lucky Waving Cat by Laura-Lise Wong
  • Turquoise Teal & Green Missy Bird by Pip Gerard
  • I'm On My F@#%ing Lunch Break! by Punksthetic
  • When They Bake The Cookies Just Right... by Punksthetic
  • Ugly Things by Punksthetic
  • I Heard You Like Ugly Sweaters by Punksthetic
  • Homo Aeternus by os-frontis
  • I'm Not A Pervert by Punksthetic
  • Last Dragon by Punksthetic
  • The Horrible Boss by Punksthetic
  • Pickles Comics by Punksthetic
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Dipping a Toe in Water by Zoo-co

About This Group

Tee HQ main aim is to be a central point for tee designers that spreads out across the whole Red Bubble tee community.

This whole group is a celebration of all things T-Shirt! We’re coming together to bask in the glory that is creating a hot piece of fabric to cover our torsos.

The forums will provide lots of resources and information on how to make tees and any other useful links on tshirt creating we can find.

This group is to help you to promote and get your tees more within the community, as well as being a link to all the other wonderful t-shirt groups available here on Red Bubble where you can even further promote your tees.


Hoodies in the Flesh!!!!

The RedBubble T-Shirt

Designs by PROM11, Josh Le Good, Chris Wahl, annaOMline and veneer

RedBubble T-Shirt designs are printed on 100% cotton American Apparel fabric. American Apparel are are known for their fabric quality and are generous when it comes to the rights of their workers. They’re ‘sweatshop free’ and they’re also committed to implemeting environmentally friendly initiatives and reducing their ecological footprint.

Designs by brettisagirl rubyred, and Steve Leadbeater

RedBubble tees are produced using direct to garment printing. We use an industrial version of traditional ink jet printing technology (just like the ink jet printer you have at home). It allows a wide range of colours to be laid down very quickly.

Design by BigFatRobot

From people who’ve been won over:

When it comes to print-on-demand, the issue that most people are worried about is the quality of the product. Yes, it’s nice that you can upload a design and buy it, or support other artists that are using the platform, but if the tees suck then you might as well not bother. Happily, the tees do not suck, I don’t think you’d be able to guess that they came from a POD company, and they really show off the merits of direct-to-garment printing. The t-shirts themselves are from AA stock, which is so ubiquitous in the industry that it’s getting pretty silly me even telling you about them.hideyourarms t-shirt blog

Thanks for the great shirt, the printing really captured the sharp detail of the design.PimoSupremo

I love the way the coloring and shadowing came out. It looks awesome on the slate colored shirt. I made a great choice. I am so pleased with the quality. Bravo to the printers for doing an excellent job!!! Thank you!!red addiction

I bought some of my own designs from redbubble to check the print qualily, i was blown away with the detail of the print and the t-shirts kick ass too.veneer

Designs by Nick Ford, Panoramic, Japu and Vicki Isted

Reviews and more detailed information:

  1. RedBubble t-shirt review on hideyourarms.com (t-shirt blog)
  2. The RedBubble Mail experience and print quality by RevolutionGFX
  3. RedBubble Print Quality and More RedBubble Print Quality by RubyRed
  4. Mr. Baxter’s guide to the t-shirt (video)
  5. How to make a great t-shirt

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