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*This Month's "Artist Interview"* (12th in a Series)

RobynLee RobynLee 1542 posts

This month I put Michele Meister,whose Mixed-Media Creations are Wonderfully Unique & Inspiring.on the CWTM “Hot Seat”.(Note: Michele apologizes for her grammar as English is not her first language but I think she did really well w/this interview:-)Anyway,here’s what she to say about her Artistic Progress:
When Did You Start Making Art?
I believe we all start to make art at the same time, as little children when we express ourselves with markers, colours, sand, dance, singing…. Becoming an artist simply means, that you don’t stop with it. I have had few situations in my life, where I thought stopping would be best, often because of financial reasons, but the times when I don’t paint just don’t feel right to me. There are days when painting is painful and it just doesn’t work out, and I think “Well… that was it… I don’t know how to paint anymore, that was my last idea EVER” Those are always moments where stopping is an option! But luckily there are also the other days when everything comes easy and it feels like the best possible work ever.
How Do You Come Up With Your Ideas;What Inspires You To Create?
Everything inspires me when I am in the right frame of mind! A story, a person in the train, a picture in a living magazine, millions of amazing images on the internet….. But some days, nothing inspires me, because I am not open to it. Sometimes I also think that there are too many images out there, that I can become “untouched” by them. That is why I like to work with a theme. For many years it used to be the Greek Mythology, which is full of fantastic stories, like the Ikarus myth. The last year I worked with the Red Riding Hood theme, and it still is on my mind, so I am constantly thinking about it and open for the right images coming to me to be inspired. A very uninspiring thing for me is for example a white canvas…. This is why I glue papers on it first or sand or just glue, so it doesn’t look so ‘clean’ and precious… and on a clean paper I would first spill my coffee on it. New materials are also always very inspiring !
Who Are Your Main Influences,Favorite Artists,etc?
When I studied I was very much influenced by the work of Edvard Munch, that I still love very much. But also artists like Kaethe Kollwitz with her wonderful drawings, Antoni Tapies or Emil Schumacher… What I love most about their work, is that they didn’t try to please too much, they all showed emotions and tried to explore new ways. And that is what I admire most of artists in our days. There are many artists here on Red Bubble who work like that and that I really admire and are very inspiring. I often think as artists we should work more together and influence each other without the fear to be copied.
How Did You Mind Out About RedBubble(& This Group?) Also,What Is Your Overall Opinion Of RB?
I think I started 2 years ago, after RB had a review on a show that I was part of. I was hooked for a few month on it….. and I found the collage group very soon after that , as this is the only group for me, that my work normally always fits in :) As I said before, I think artists should work closer together and sometimes in real life it is difficult. We are all closed in our studios and have a very introvert work, and it might be sometimes difficult to go to an exhibition and walk to the artist and say “ WOW , I really admire your work “, but here I feel I can do it … and the response that you get here is sometimes overwhelming that it becomes even unimportant if the work in real life gets that attention or even gets sold :)
Lastly,Any Advice For The Other Artists In This Group?
Excellent Advice,Michele! Thanks so Much for this Interview & Keep Up The Great Artwork:-) Robyn

RobynLee RobynLee 1542 posts

Here are some Example Of Michele’s Work;it was difficult to chose just three since they’re all so Awesome!

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 2220 posts

Very interesting and inspiring interview …. thanks to both of you. Now I must go and visit Michelle’s Gallery: Sandra

Donna Huntriss Donna Huntriss 584 posts

I really enjoyed reading your interview – what wonderful works and style you have!

Michele Meister Michele Meister 69 posts

thank you for your kind words and visit Sandra and Donna … and thank you as always Robyn !

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 5078 posts

Congrats, Michele, great work!

Michele Meister Michele Meister 69 posts

Oh… I nearly missed your visit Cindy :) Thank you ….

Catrin Stahl-Szarka Catrin Stahl-S... 73 posts

Thanks Robin and Michele for an interesting interview. :)

rottenart rottenart 2 posts

It was great to read your interview and incidentally I identified with you on nearly every point.

CrismanArt CrismanArt 732 posts

Wonderful works of art, Michele, and a great interview! Congrats to you from Christiane

Michele Meister Michele Meister 69 posts

thank you Robin, Rottenart and CrismanArt for your kind words :)

emilys emilys 7 posts

Michele, Deiner Kunst ist so phantasievoll und erzählt immer Geschichten, die mich neugierig machen. Deine Technik ist wundervoll und unverwechselbar.
Weiter so !!
Dein Interview ist interessant.

Michele Meister Michele Meister 69 posts

Ziemlich spaete Antwort… jetzt aber erst Dein Kommentar entdeckt :) Vielen Dank fuer die lieben Worte Emilys !!

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