Classic Collage(Some Photoshop Editing allowed)

Collaging generally using traditonal materials and mediums Fine art of collaging, from cubism to photomontage.

  • Sometimes I Think You'll Return by Frank  Moth
  • paper collage with embroidery by embroiderrred
  • Memphis junggle  by alizeno .
  • meditation by alizeno .
  • Undewater life... by Underdott
  • Purity by Underdott
  • The skies are blue by Blaž Rojs
  • Sunshine. by Andy Nawroski
  • Rainy Season by lerson
  • Should i ? by Underdott
  • This is wrong ... by Underdott
  • "Work shoes, gloves" by Richard Robinson
  • Tree of life by Underdott
  • Take a Risk by alizeno .
  • Interior design by Underdott
  • I keep dancing on my own by Underdott
  • Defy by Underdott
  • Bob By The Sea by KiriMacauley