Creative Collage(Some Photoshop Editing allowed)

Collaging generally using traditional materials and mediums;from cubism to photo-montage.

Recent Work

  • Mysterious Vibes by djunotomsni
  • Small kitty by kintija
  • Big Bang by lerson
  • The World Is Yours by djunotomsni
  • Blue mandala with peonies by kintija
  • TAU by Randi Antonsen
  • Fried chicken drive-thru by VertigoA
  • Growing Beautiful  by RobynLee
  • Gibran by Frank  Moth
  • Hell Comes To Your House by ANewKindOfWater
  • Cool Death Hot Sun by ANewKindOfWater
  • Peace and love by Artprint shop

About This Group

Welcome to Creative Collage!. We hope to incorporate the fine art of collaging into your art. This group will only except work that has a description of the work such as what paper,or background,materials,etc used.This group will promote collaging as an art form. Traditional Collage that has some Digital elements in it is allowed & will accepted according to the my discretion. The group must work with at least 50% traditional materials. Photographs are accepted within the collage but must not be purely photography. Printmaking is accepted but also must have collage incorporated into the piece.

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