Group Rules:

This group is for members and ex members of the website T.P.W.
it is also family orientated. please no inapropriate photos as they will be removed.. from the group..
Submitting all kinds of artwork is what we do best…..

At current time we have a 20 limit on art. In the future if the 3 per day rule is followed we may go to an unlimited art format.

Contests & tutorials and links to wonderful FYI things will me made here in this group as it evolves..

Please submit only your best images/photographs & it would be great if all would comment and support each others submissions & the forums & Journals available to us…. Nancy & I also are very open minded & not only welcome your thoughts but encourage any suggestions & feedback or comments you might have for the future of this group.. Thanks everyone.. Happy shooting! :)
If you like to join and are a member or ex member of The photographers workshop website..