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Recent Work

  • Hilling Potatoes by MaeBelle
  • Sweet by Ladymoose
  • Many Pink Gladiola Petals  by Sandra Foster
  • Eye,Eye...... by MaeBelle
  •  Escape from the world..Can't get caught in the endless circle..Ring of stupidity...Don't tell me what to do...No damn chains can hold me to the ground...Life is for my own to live my own way by jammingene
  • For as much as they are paying would think you could paint the lines straight..idiots by jammingene
  • Lobelia Macro Wonder  by Sandra Foster
  • Zinnias Four Photo Collage  by Sandra Foster
  • So you prey..On the loneliest cubs in this zoo of life....You can mold and conform them the rules..We must break your bad habits..Stand up for who we are..Stand up for your rights by jammingene
  • Artsy Black And White Rose  by Sandra Foster
  • SNACKTIME? - BROWN SNAKE EAGLE - Circaelus cinereus by Magriet Meintjes
  • Butterfly Colours by Vitta

About This Group

“TPW” is a website located some where else in the cyber world of photography sites that gathered daily to comment on each others photographs and suggest improvements or provide acknowledgement to the aspects of the images submitted… Many friendships and connections were made in the TPW website and so here on R.B. we wish to continue them thru this group.. At this time this group is for members or ex members of the TPW website .

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