Collection of bathrooms from around the world including spas, dunnys and outdoor saunas.

Recent Work

  • The Necessity Room by Diane Arndt
  • Red Doors by Cynthia48
  • Mickey Mouse Bathtubs by CarolM
  • Colored Q-Tips by mrthink
  • You're So Vain-ity by Michael May
  • Time for spa (4946  Views) by aldona
  • Certain Needs by Laurie Search
  • My home sanctuary  by ┬ęThe Creative  Minds
  • closed closet by silenses
  • Beware Of The Glochids by Michael May
  • an accepted insanity  by strawberries
  • Showers at the Mine by Glen Allen

About This Group

This group is for people who want to showcase different designs of bathrooms and the objects therein. This would also include sinks, faucets, tubs, tiling, showers, shower stalls, shower heads, bathroom mirrors and overall bathroom design.

Outhouses are definitely welcome! There is definitely some interesting bathroom signage out there as well!

Don’t forget things found in the bathroom such as toothbrushes, mugs, shaving gear, soap, shower scrunchies, towels, washcloths, bottles… you know the stuff!

For images of other rooms of the house , please add them into the Your Living Spaces Group.
Here is the link to the Your Living spaces group

Toilet Challenge Winner

Tempting fate by Zolton

Bathroom Close-ups Challenge WINNER

“shower droplets” by bundug


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