Today I am thankful for...

To focus and celebrate on one thing we are thankful for TODAY!

Recent Work

  • Barn by the road by vigor
  • New metal roof by vigor
  • 52517 Welcome by pcfyi
  • Cactus Flower by Thaddeus Zajdowicz
  • Wash Day by vigor
  • Dame's Rocket by vigor
  • Vase, Bird And Daisies by Sandra Foster
  • Pink Lisianthus Macro  by Sandra Foster
  • Hauntingly Beautiful Oboe by BlueMoonRose
  • Peace - winter reflections by graceloves
  • Iris Full of Grace by autumnwind
  • Scallop Sea Shell Macro by Sandra Foster

About This Group

For this group I wanted to focus on the POSITIVITY and the good things in the world and in our every day lives. It is so easy to be comsumed by our pain, stress and life but it doesn’t have to be that way.
I wanted to make a group where it is mandatory to put a description with the artwork explaining what and how you are thankful for this experience, person, etc.
It’s like paying it forward with positive thoughts and energy.
Instead of focusing on the stressors, what if we focused and meditated on one thing each day and the beauty in this experience?
ALSO we are no longer accepting *snapshots
There must be some talent and creativity or epic beauty or emotion in the photography we will accept.

See the group rules and join this group here

Membership of the group is by invite only.

Your Hosts