Thought Bubble

We welcome thought, speech, and expression BUBBLES of all kinds.

Recent Work

  • Do I look like I enjoy this ????????? by Sharon Stevens
  • Fallen Apples by Brother Adam
  • It's all in your head by DearOphelia
  • Got One! by Sharon Stevens
  • Now...what do I do with it????? by Sharon Stevens
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mouse by Sharon Stevens
  • Taste of your own medicine by lloyd1985
  • Please??????? by Sharon Stevens
  • Hmmm by Sharon Stevens
  • Sing Sing Sing by Sharon Stevens
  • W i s h f u l T h i n k i n g by Jen Cannella
  • H a p p y H i g h w a y  by Jen Cannella

About This Group

This is the official home of all thought, speech, and expression that is conveyed via a bubble that meets the group’s guidelines. We encourage creativity and welcome ALL art and clothing that meets the group’s theme.

! (The Thought Bubble)!Check out the other types of Bubbles you can submit to the group

So, if you are a photographer, illustrator, designer, graphic artist, or you just love thought/speech bubbles, then join us and start bubbling!!! If you are new to using this technique and want to learn more, check out our forums! This group is all about positivity and encouragement. The hosts are here to answer your questions, give feedback, and provoke thought.

We encourage everyone to check out our challenges tab and forums as they are big part of our group. Featured art and artists will be selected by host consensus and and group vote via challenges.

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