This, That, and the Other Thing (2 per day and Photography Only)

Group Rules:

Two submissions per day. PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY (This mean that all submissions are one of your photographs or a photo you have the copyright to.)
Photos of your artwork are not accepted as this group show cases your work as a photographer and not as painter or digital artist.
No nudity, profanity,violence, or any other objectionable work. Decisions as to what is objectionable will be at the discretion of the hosts. Any objectionable submissions will be rejected without explanation.
As of today, 8-11-2011, we will be rejecting any works with blood, gore, or anything violent. These works will be removed with no notice. This is a family group.
NEW RULE – While we accept a certain amount of layering and texturing and other enhancements, if you adjust your photo to the point that it no longer looks like a photo, it will be removed from the the discretion of the hosts
We will no longer be accepting iPhone cases – T’s – or Stock Photos.
An addition to the nudity rule – this includes no partial nudity.
Also – if you have already won a Challenge with one of your photos, please use a different photo for new Challenges.
By submitting to the group you agree to have your images featured in large format, and/or used for group or Challenge Avatar.