This, That, and the Other Thing (2 per day and Photography Only)

A collection of various subjects that have caught the photographers eye. Whatever it is that interests and excites you as a photographer, and makes you not want to put the camera away!

Recent Work

  • A Garden in the Hills Set 2- 07 by beeden
  • The Death of Night by Adam Bykowski
  • Looking down on Miami, FL by Margaret Shark
  • Good News, Good News by Brenda Burnett
  • The Birds by agnessa38
  • Quayside Ropes by capturemyvision
  • Whatcha Doin Lady by Brenda Burnett
  • Park Warden by capturemyvision
  • Moody Mountains by Tracy Friesen
  • Moraine Lake by Tracy Friesen
  • Butterscotch Orchids by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Toward Brent Island by Lesliebc

About This Group

This group has multiple hosts – each with different challenges and subject matter. This will allow for a variety of artistic and fun outlets for your inner creative soul! The group will be open to any and all photographers, provided the rules are followed.
As a member of this group, you can expect frequent, varied, and entertaining challenges.
Come on in and check us out.
By submitting to the group you agree to have your images featured in large format, and/or used for group or Challenge Avatar.

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