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This challenge closed over 7 years ago.

The Challenge

As winner of a previous challenge, PhoenixArt has suggested this new challenge dealing with issues of sustainability.

Sustainability refers to ideas and practices designed to maintain biological systems and homeostasis.

This could apply to every aspect of our world, from farming and manufacturing to architecture and land planning.

PhoenixArt mentioned further examples such as "simple home solar systems, wind farm turbines, sustainable gardens, great recycling ideas, water conservation and environmental education.

This challenge is all about entering work that comments on issues of sustainability, either showing it at work or where we have failed miserably.

In tandem with this challenge, we have launched The Sustainability Forum . We invite you to use this forum to posts, writings, comments or links to sustainability related websites or press.

Together we hope to draw attention to sustainability issues.

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Judging / Voting Criteria

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Additional Information

Right: “…There are many good reasons not to use coal… and at the base of it, it simply is not sustainable (eg, there is a finite amount in the earth) and produces toxins when burnt so shouldn’t be considered as a power producer at all… Even ‘clean coal’ technology is dirty, [the industry] just found a way to capture the gunge so they can store it… it doesn’t go away. Coal filled its’ niche in the past, but these days is expensive to mine and produce, and is completely unnecessary and outdated in this technological age…”

Cover Image: D11 Pushing Coal - Boonal Queensland Australia by Gryphonn


The Top Ten

West Texas Wind Farm by Susan Russell

West Texas Wind Farm by Susan Russell was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 8 votes.

  • oh canada... by KreddibleTrout
  • Ghost Bats - A Sign in a Cave - Central Queensland by Gryphonn
  • "Do You Remember..." (Please view large for more detail) by PhoenixArt
  • Pto Colombia by Carlos Rodriguez
  • A return to nature (Sarlat) by Christine Oakley

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