Theme Thursday Feature Friday - Featured member *CTheWorld*

Group Rules:

This group is interactive. No question about it.

At the very least, please drop by to the forums, take part in challenges by entering or voting. That said, we have games and multiple forums, please congratulate featured works/members, come and play some games and just “hang out” if you have time.

Remember that the essence of the group is encouraging people to participate in the THEME THURSDAY… hence the title! Participating in the Theme Thursday ensures that you are part of Feature Friday, of course if you do not want to have your works featured, that is up to you! :-)

Please do try to upload only 2 or 3 images a day, so that you are not hogging the limelight, unless it is your turn to be the centre of attention and are invited to upload more images. If you do upload more, acceptances will be spaced out across a few days. Please do not flood the group with “any old images” and read the REALLY important rules especially the 1st one. :-)

OK now some more specific what is or is not allowed in the group:

This is the most important one….

NO Butterflies, Moths, Dragonflies or anything that can be perceived as such Seriously, EllisMorleyPhto has such a terror of these, esp. butterflies that they cannot be allowed in the group. Close ups of spiders etc are also a no-no PLEASE. If there is a bee drinking pollen or there happens to be a fly or something as PART of the picture (not the focus) these MIGHT be permitted but NO butterflies etc please. If someone tries to submit photographs of them more than 3 times, they will be banned from the group as it will be taken personally :-P Seriously, even having written the word that many times has made me itch.

Other than that:

  1. No cruelty to animals. Forgetting the debate re: animals in captivity, this does include fishing shots where a dead or caught fish is depicted, also market stalls etc with fish. This is a personal preference and I please ask you to respect that.
  2. Writings are permitted, short stories etc, submit them and see. At the moment I do not have rules concerning these (although again nothing R rated and watch the profanity!) but depending upon what comes in, this might be changed.
  3. Journals are permitted. Some are witty, some are informative, some are just amazing. They express who you are. For now, there are no rules, just a 10 journal max. If there are too many journals coming in, I might change this rule.
  1. No work with (or which should have) the Safe Filter on will be accepted. There are many many groups which ask for nudity and so on.. this is a family friendly group though so I have to say no.
  2. Controversially or not, this includes instant rejection of nudity of children no matter how young.

If your work is not accepted, do NOT be offended.

Most of all the rule (aside from the phobia related one above) is HAVE FUN and INTERACT!

Your hosts Joanne and Flora