Theme Thursday Feature Friday - Featured member *CTheWorld*

Your favourite work, either featured or forgotten! Just add your work or join in the theming game!

About This Group

Trial description as written by veteran member and occasional/honourary guest host CTheWorld

In her words…


1. Go to Joanne’s portfolio page and choose a min of 6 photos from her gallery(they may be themed or not)that you want her to display (in HER gallery in this folder). You can bubblemail her with the names of those works and she will set them up in a grouping that will appear on her front page on THURSDAY.

2. She goes to YOUR portfolio and picks 6 photos (usually themed) that she will FEATURE on the top row of the front page of the group TTFF. She will ask you to make sure that those 6 are in the group (preferably together) so she can find them easily. She will then feature YOUR 6 works on FRIDAY.

In addition to what CTheWorld wrote, for those few moments of your time, you do get all of the following:

  1. 6 featured works (look up above, the top line are usually all features by ONE artist!)
  2. Image of the fortnight (scroll down!)
  3. Group Avatar of the fortnight (also displayed below!)
  4. Featured member for a minimum of 12 weeks (longer if I take a break here and there)
  5. Chances to play for unlimited turns as long as you are no longer a featured member
  6. Pleasant (I hope!) surprises once you have played 4 or more times

YOU CAN ADD ANY WORK ANY TIME, no themes needed, no requests from me, just add the work!! Please just follow the REALLY basic and undemanding rules of the group. Don’t wait for me to ask you for work to be submitted!

Image of the Fortnight

Taking a Walk in the Woods
by CTheWorld

Group Avatar of the Fortnight

Leaf Lined Path
by CTheWorld

Awesome things that have befallen the wonderful members of this group (ie homepage features)

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Membership of the group is by invite only.