THE 'X' FACTOR - LIMIT 1 per day!

Your Best Work Only...because 'X' means excellence

Recent Work

  • Misty Dawn Sydenham by Wrayzo
  • Willets and Sundown Surf by Kenneth Keifer
  • Road to The Needles Canyonlands National Park by Roger Passman
  • Bridge number 18 by Tom Gomez
  • The Deed by Richard  Gerhard
  • Arctic Wolf on the alert. by vette
  • Yellow Wildflower by wolf6249107
  • 3856 by peter holme III
  • Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris by phil decocco
  • Alchemical Fire - Ouroborus by Richard Maier
  • Just dancing in the dark by evaverhoeven
  • Spring Pansies (Viola) by Ludwig Wagner

About This Group

Welcome to *The ‘X’ Factor

This group is called The “X” Factor where the “X” represents excellence. This means that we are looking for only your best efforts within your media.

We DO NOT accept photographic images with horizontal misalignment. Such misalignment is a fatal flaw that is easily fixed using a horizontal alignment tool available in all basic photo editing software. Please take the time to fix your misaligned horizons before submitting them.

Some guideline changes…Please pay attention

Please limit posting 1 and only 1 image in a 24 hour period. I will not be draconian as some hosts are by punishing all submissions, rather the first two will be considered and the remaining images will be rejected. Continued violation of this guideline will result in removal from the group,

Please do not submit pet shots, drawings or other forms of cute household animals. Large animals in a natural context (cows on a farm or tigers in the jungle and not the zoo) are welcome. This does not preclude submitting dog, cat or hamster images so long as they qualify as ‘fine art’ and not just snapshots of your pets because you think they are cute.

Please do not submit snapshots of your kids or family. Like with pets, images that are thoughtful compositions that are well lit and that, therefore, qualify as ‘fine art’ portraits are not excluded.

Please do not submit images or descriptions that are overtly political or religious in nature. By overt I simply mean that the religious aspect outweighs the artistic value of the image or the writing. Redbubble has a diverse base that crosses all religious and political spectrums and, as such, I choose to host a group that does not divide. Art has the unique opportunity to bring people together, to unite. Let’s work to make The “X” Factor all about the art.

Any images that might have a copyright problem will be rejected. If you are using someone else’s work you must be absolutely clear about the author of the work.

We accept the following; Photography, Digital Art, Photo Manipulations, Fractalius, Apophysis, Digital Fractals, Abstracts, Paintings, Colorful Water Colors, Acrylic, Oil, Pastels, Colorful Drawings

As host I may, in fact, will post work to the site but will never feature my own work.

Four Most Recent Challenge Winners (or Co-Winners)

3 Co-Winners in the Fall, Fall, Fall Challenge with 4 votes each…

Fall Time at Rum River
by Lucinda Walter


Evidence of autumn
by floatingpilot


The Trees-Autumn
by © Janis Zroback

Wow not so many people voting on this latest challenge…perhaps I’ll slow down a bit and offer fewer challenges for a while…

Huntington Beach
by Radek Hofman

Winner of the AUGUST Invitational Featured Works Challenge

The little Mops: by Angelika Vogel
Winner of the Empty Spaces Challenge

Splendid Isolation by Cliff Vestergaard
Co-Winner of the I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now Challenge

Morning reflections, Googs Lake by Kevin McGennan
Co-Winner of the I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now Challenge

I removed the ‘by invitation only’ for joining the group.

See the group rules and join this group here

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