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Writer's Corner ~ Featured Writings ~ January 23, 2015

JRGarland JRGarland 2569 posts

Greetings fellow Bubblers,

This is your old pal, JR coming at you with the all new Writer’s Corner for your viewing pleasure. The powers that be saw a need that had to be filled for the writers and as such needed a writer to fulfill it. I was very delighted that they thought of me for the job as I saw a need in the home page delivery of featured writings. Evita has done a fantastic job with her Editor’s Choice page, but they readily saw the need to acknowledge the writers on the home page. To add to the special nature of writers, a writer was preferred to take the position. It had become overwhelming for one person to tackle both visual and writing, so I was asked to come aboard to add my expertize to the group. I was mighty grateful that I was asked for the writers sake and not for both as I don’t believe that I am qualified to give the visual artists what they need. My expertize is with writing. Corri does an awesome job with the visual arts and now we can divide the work load more evenly to cover everyone.

We now have a place for the visual artists and a place for the written artists and a special place for the blending of the two and we have a place for the Pick of the Day and a place for the Challenges. What more could we ask for? Each section has their own experts to give you their best efforts to make each of you shine like you are suppose to. It takes teamwork to get the job done properly and now we have a full team to get the job done. As we flourish you flourish. After all it is each of you who makes the whole thing come together for all of us. Without your input we just sit around with nothing to do and I would be without a job. LOL We all work together, both as a team and as one big, happy family.

Without further ado, let me welcome you to the Writer’s Corner. Enjoy the pleasures presented by our very own creme of the crop writers and please show your appreciation by signing the guest book and leave a message for our writers to enjoy.

Lets hear it for the hosts
by autumnwind (read her description and you’ll know why it’s first in line)

I have no idea how they do it
me? I would totally screw it
first the decisions
then some revisions
then features are posted – we view it!

talk about time consuming
such kindness so sweetly blooming
they comment and fave
send a banner and rave
and always have challenges brewing!

should your work be of their choice
it feels like you now have a voice
a glorious gift
sends you floating adrift
you just cannot help but rejoice!

what is even much more amazing
aside from all their appraising
they are artists too
or writers, it’s true
and post work that is super and blazing!

where on earth do they find the time
to give of themselves so sublime
we truly are grateful
they sure have a plateful
yet they don’t ever ask for a dime!

some even host many groups
they’re loyal and brave to their troops
how on earth can we thank you
we do highly rank you
you’re an RB Duchess or Duke!

we are grateful for you every day
our hearts thank you in every way
you are talented, wise
this site’s greatest prize
& the reason you deserve a big YAY!

Thank you hosts for all you do!!!! ♥

stanze del cuore
by Donna19

I found a room today
I didn’t know was there
Locked inside so deep
My spirit was unaware

I tried to turn the key
Stuck inside the lock
It wouldn’t even budge
So instead decided to knock

No one came to the door
No voice to me cried out
So quiet it all seemed
So I gave a hopeful shout

Hello, I am here
Oh please someone listen
But silence once again
Then the key began to glisten

Discovery made me feel
Surreal inside my soul
Where and what was I
But lost and oh so cold

To the floor the key dropped
Beside my foot it came to rest
Picked it up I did so slow
And into the lock to test

Slowly my hands they warmed
As the key began to turn
Then open slid the door
But my mind could not discern

There in the empty room
One window without a pane
The key inside my hand
Glistened again like rain

Turned it quickly I did
No joy had been mine to sing
Locked myself inside this time
Safe and sound from hurtful things

Then I felt a pulling motion
By the window I would wait
Every star has its twinkle
The moon it shines for fate

The consequence
by su2anne

Pain is measured by the gaping wounds
Of never mind and do not care
The collective usurped by the individual
The earth spins in ever decreasing circles
Eventually to cave in
Swallowed whole Humanity loses itself

See, Speak, Hear
by Susan Werby

She gazes somewhere beyond
A person alone and unloved
Eyes open wide
Expression lifeless
Nothing about her is revealed
To all who walk past

“If only”, she thinks to herself
Please stop and see me
She screams but no one hears
“Listen to me” she mouths
Yet no eyes meet hers

Large saddened eyes
That have seen
With sensitivity
Others hurt just like her
Needing someone
Waiting, waiting

Perhaps it might be today
That someone, anyone
Shall stop to say hello
A small gesture
Making a huge difference
Just a quick hello

It’s a Good Day
by JRGarland

Walking along the beach, alone on a mid-spring morning
Cold from the frosty dew settled upon frozen sands
The sun magnifies its rays to warm the chilling breeze
The hours slowly pass the morning restoring comfort to the bay
Whitecaps foam the waves rolling in to settle upon the shore
Rhythmically gliding along in its hypnotic spells so soothing
To quiet the soul’s adventure before beginning to move
Soon the shore awakens as the gulls began their dance
In search for their breakfast in whatever manner that it may
A line is cast out to snag the morning’s feast
Where the air gets warmer by the minute to entice a quicker pace
Soon the roar of the fire will cook the morning’s catch
As the beach comes alive with people lining the shore
The boats are ready to set sail, it’s time to go to work
It’s going to be a good day today
We have a fine morning to bring us luck

by Sea-Change

My mind is abuzz with questions and thoughts
Like some crazed database running out of control
Knowledge and memories pop out of the blue
This is my mind, my heart, and my soul.

I watch you stare at the colours on the TV
Your eyes staring blankly, what do you see?
What goes on in your mind is the question I ponder
You’ve forgotten everything, you’ve forgotten me.

Unable to recall almost anything now
What does the mind think when there is nothing there.
I cannot imagine a world without thoughts
No memories to recall, the mind simply bare.

I miss not being able to share times past with you
Our childhood, our memories of days long ago
Of family, of fun times, of Christmases and such
You’re here, but you’re not here – where did you go?

I’d like to think you feel happiness at times through your day.
That you are comfortable and being well cared for too.
I feel this big ache in my heart now these days
You’re my brother, I love you, and dearly miss you.

Your eyes they stare blankly
Your mind’s taken a bow
With sadness I wonder
Where are you now?

For Your Eye’s Only #7
by TheBrit

This poem was penned from the tip of a quill
upon the wings of Chinese gossamer lace
made of rice paper by yours truly,

Upon an ethereal cloud holding each others
hands ,

Laying naked within a rich silence, as time
floats along a sea of azure our molecules
blend together forever amore ,

Yet our eye’s are poised together within the
silence our thoughts going back and forth
like that of a chess board ,

Here we lay upon a cloud of pure understanding
as we blend together for ever amore ,

We are truly one , like two white passionate doves
flying so high and yet so far ,

Until we land upon an ethereal cloud holding hands
naked within a rich silence ,

As time floats along a sea of azure our molecules
blend together for ever amore ,

Reach within your dream catchers net , retrieve these
wings of Chinese paper lace ,

Place them upon your shoulders , feel their magical
powers of metamorphosis, as you become a magnificent
butterfly Angel ,

Close your eye’s , wish to be beside my side, you will be
guided by your very special wings of Devine,

We will be together only if your soul wishes it to be !

With Love from your ardent soul mate, floating lost
within the Universe of time until you are by my side
forever amore… <3 xxxxxxx …………………………………..

Almond Eyes
by Vanessa Warren

The shape of you
an outline
with each step taken
such familiarity
by sight
and touch

Instantly recall
the way that you felt
shades of sensation
soft, supple and firm
hard, rough and loose
and shapes
so very specific

The bridge of your nose
a very soft
the curve of your neck
long of limb
hands and feet
rough and smooth
velvet and silk
flannel and lace
at times even
cotton and chenille
some edges
all textured to you

The door to your soul
as they find focus
beautiful brown
some gorgeous green
sky blue bright
and then almost back
to simple
basic black
unique to each
signal specific
connection to a memory
and cognition
pupils dilate
as they begin to reflect
what is in
their line of sight

Time and the Artist
by Margaret Shark

If you’ve ever totally lost track of time,
Where your heart and mind
And the clock have
Nothing in common,
Then you understand.
When an hour
Becomes a moment,
A moment
An instant,
An instant,
A flicker,
A flicker,
A creation.
So it is-
What you see,
The art,
Is a nanosecond,
Which took countless days
To create.

Oye, what a day I had today
by wolftinz

Went out to mow the lawn today, got about two acres into the 4.5 acre job and got hopelessly stuck in a wet spot about as far from any reasonably accessible as possible. Went to get my old garden tractor to pull it out, of course since I haven’t used it in about 5 years. it won’t even turn over. So I get the car to jump it, but it still won’t start. What little gas was in it had dried up. go to town buy some gas since I had but the last mine in the mower. Fortunately at that point I had realized that my tow chain is in my pickup truck and that one is in Florida (some 1500 miles away), so I also picked up a tow strap too. After much tweaking and swearing I finally got it to start, but as soon as I removed the jumper cables it immediately quit! After more tweaking and swearing I finally found a way to keep in running on life support. I drove it from the barn to the garage and put air in the 3 out of four flat tires. Then the pouring rain came, so now the mower is still stuck and wet to boot.
You can’t make this stuff up, nobody would believe you!
Most of you will get a good chuckle out of this …. Those who have been there will feel my pain.

by waddleudo

A woman named Mary Bell lived in an apartment with her brother. The apartment had two bedrooms, each with a walk-in closet. The place was pleasant and spacious.

One day Mary let herself into her apartment only to discover it was no longer a two-bedroom apartment with a walk-in closet for each. Instead, it had become a one-bedroom apartment with a tiny closet, not nearly enough room for her clothes. She also discovered that the author of the story in which she was the main character had exchanged her brother for a sister. The sister was equally as bemused to find herself there as Mary was to have her.

Mary and this new sister spent the better part of that evening seated at the kitchen table getting to know each other and complaining about the fact that the apartment was not nearly big enough for the two of them, especially since Mary had an extensive collection of shoes and the sister had a large number of color coordinated outfits; not nearly enough room in the little closet.

There was no time for Mary to grieve the loss of the brother. She and this new sister were too busy organizing the boxes of shoes, rearranging the closet to accommodate more clothes and doing meal planning for the week.

Two days later, Mary carried a bag of Chinese food and her drycleaning up the two flights of stairs, and after having some difficulty turning the key in the lock, found the one-bedroom apartment was now a studio. There was no sign that the sister had ever been there. Her first thought was that she would have to eat all that Chinese food herself. Her second thought was that she wouldn’t have to share closet space.

That night Mary slept fitfully. She kept waking up to be certain there were no other radical changes in her living situation.

As a result of all the inexplicable and unsettling disruptions in her life, Mary became depressed, couldn’t concentrate at work and began taking time off. Displeased with her performance and absenteeism, her boss let her go.

Lonely and despondent, Mary began taking depression medication. Ultimately she overdosed. There was no one for whom to leave a note.

Mary’s death wasn’t discovered for several days until the author returned for additional editing.

A Winter Lament
by autumnwind

winter is born in madness with the moon
reflecting eyes white in cataracts
and contradictions

death is only a moment in time
and time is watching you
spying on you in every cobweb corner
of your insanity

let us march ..eight nine ten
to off key merry go round tunes
loud and proud it seems to scream
in my .sucked up head

leeches stick and bleed me
my nourishment is waning
my want is dead my heart is lead
my soul is dark and raining

never mind the drama
put flowers in my hair
silver piercing pretty earrings
… lacy underwear ?

I hate the way you’ve made me
I dislike my only self
you make others see me wrongly
I’m not bad I’m just myself

take these black wings you have formed
upon my crooked back
wish them fly me where you’ll see
what I am is what you lack

I need to see surprise
when you wake your sad soul eyes
I can’t be who you want

life is cruel
you are no jewel

but tell me
what is love?

My Next Moment
by Donna19

A thousand waves washed in today
On every one a new shell tumbled to rest in thought
Winds hummed their own release into the day
A thousand times the sea has changed its mind
Joys moved in and out like the tides they rode in on
Over time a million more days will happen like this one
Everyday I will tumble inside but rest will never come with thought
Change will take me to new heights for peace
Embrace the who of me as its belief in my strength
Like the depths of the ocean hiding its soul within
Breezing the shores where I find it again and again

Change forages for the refined meaning we’re often unaware of
White caps will peak in defiance of the mediocre around them
Just because living ripples our emotions into a life
And no distance will slow a seeking heart simply wanting a home
Like the rays on water multiplying our dreams to feed
Or the shades of grey in our minds that turn into love
Striking the sun and brilliance is born into every day
Just because we feel deep enough to want beyond

I walked along the sand as foam flew up and wrapped my ankles
As though I were standing in a cotton candy spinning bowl
My toes were sugared by sands masquerading as hitchhikers
Shores around me wrapped life up in blues and greens
As one lovely moment in time to hold onto as mine alone
Rainbows of the mind sent a sparkle of tomorrows to come
Just like yesterday and it never lets me down
Because hope lives for the breath of my next moment

Margaret Shark Margaret Shark 100 posts

Our very own on-line anthology, how wonderful. Super pieces JR. It’s a monumental task you’ve taken on and much appreciated

wolftinz wolftinz 2524 posts

john, Thank you for featuring these wonderful works. I’m not much of a writer and less a poet, only when stressful situations occur do I put things to paper or silicon, so I’m very impressed by beautiful work you have featured here.

Evita Evita 17545 posts

Wonderful selections John… Congratulations to all writer featured today, awesome writings! ☺♥

autumnwind autumnwind 11929 posts

Wow JR, first of all thank you so, so much for the amazing honor of choosing my writings to be featured!!! I am so deeply grateful!♥
Would like to congratulate all the other writers and say it absolutely wonderful to be here among you! : )))) xxxxxxx♥

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9922 posts

Awesome selections, JR!
So exciting to see your first collection of features.
Congratulations to all the writers!

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2532 posts

Truly entertaining to read your many fluent words of introduction, JR… You refer to this new position as a job and I laugh because I just asked you in my “thank you for my feature” how you like this new unpaid job… Like minds…

Anyhooooo, this is fabulous- the writings are impressive, Shar’s was the perfect opener to this new gallery, and my congratulations to all featured writers whose words impress and cause me to think even more.

Truly humbled to be included with my See, Speak and Hear…woahhhhh and wowieeeee… Thank you, JR aka John aka The Duke of Words.

Donna19 Donna19 866 posts

Thank you so much and congratulations everyone. It’s wonderful being a part of this group

waddleudo waddleudo 321 posts

Yippee! Isn’t this fun? I anticipate even more folks will drop by to read my writing with the Feature exposure!
Thanks again, John and congratulations to my fellow Group members selected to be Featured!
Cordially, Waddleudo aka Ellen
By the way, this is for John and y’all writers who will appreciate this 55-word story, I hope:

Writer’s Remorse

During hors d’oerves, open house guests were startled, hearing an enormous rumble.

Beneath McBride’s Veterinary, the earth heaved. A gigantic rift swallowed the entire building and parking lot; a slight aftershock, then stillness.

Finding the story boring and the characters disagreeable, the author had decided to kill them off, unfortunately wasting a perfectly good buffet.

JRGarland JRGarland 2569 posts

LOL Ellen, you’re a trip!! I do love your wit.

Vanessa  Warren Vanessa Warren 118 posts

Wonderful collection of written work JRGarland……many thanks for my inclusion in this Writers Corner Feature and congratulations to all the other writers…….

Sea-Change Sea-Change 234 posts

Thanks so much, and congratulations to everyone !!

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