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Editors Weekly Choice Ending 4th, January 2015

Evita Evita 18215 posts

Hello Members,

We hope everyone had a fantastic time in Christmas and a great start in the New Year!
Editors Weekly Choice is up and running … the first selections for 2015 are…..

  1. Photo of the Week

Dew Drop Rays by relayer51

  1. 1st Runner -Up

Tuscarora Under Newfallen Leaves by Gene Walls

  1. 2nd Runner-Up

Pastels Brilliant White Sunset by Owed to Nature

  1. 3rd Runner-Up

St. John the Baptist Church, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1361 views! by Linda Jackson

  1. High Key Photo of the Week

One Red Tulip by AngieDavies

  1. Black and White Photo of the Week

Mission San Xavier del Boc Church Interior by Roger Passman

  1. Monochrome Of The Week

Golden Sunrise-Early Dawn – Calendar Image ^ by ctheworld

  1. Selective Colour

Waiting For The Lilac’s To Bloom by trueblvr

  1. Low Light Photography

Christmas in London by Ludwig Wagner

  1. Macro/Close-Up Of the Week

Rain Dance by Lynn Gedeon

  1. Still-Life Of The Week

Autumn Still Life by WildestArt

  1. Floral Photo of the Week

Southern Magnolia Blossom by Kathy Baccari

  1. Dedication Of The Week

For all those who love to wear different hats in life, this is dedicated to you!

I Love My Hat by Susan Werby

  1. Female Portrait of the week

Starlet by Jennifer Rhoades

  1. Child/Children Portrait – Photo\Artwork Of The Week

A Sparkling Enchanted Sprite by autumnwind

  1. Male Portrait Image of the Week

Tribute Joe. by andy551

  1. Self-Portrait of the Week

New Breed by Jennifer Rhoades

  1. Candid Photo Of The Week

Surfing Santa’s without boards at Charmouth Dorset UK by lynn carter

  1. Photomanipulation Of The Week

Keeper of the Forest by CarolM

  1. Textured Artwork Of The Week

Uganda: Youngster’s Identity? by Ted Byrne

  1. Painting Of The Week

Hardtack Homestead by Susan Bergstrom

  1. Drawing Of The Week

Happy 2015 My Friends – Mr & Mrs Poldark by Anthea Slade

  1. Abstract of the Week

Ice Patterns in a Puddle…………. by lynn carter

  1. Landscape of the Week

Light Snow by Ludwig Wagner

  1. Seascape/Waterscape of the Week

Twilight Dreams by Robert Armitage

  1. Beach-scape

Surfing Half Moon Bay by njordphoto

  1. Street-Scape

The usual mode of transport in Cuba, Trinidad, Cuba by Shulie1

  1. Cityscape of the Week

Green Eye by Ladymoose

  1. Sky-Scape Of The Week

New Day Dawning by Trish Meyer

  1. Country Of The Week


An Englishman’s home is his castle by Mortimer123

  1. MUG Of The Week


  1. iPhone Case

Pollen On Our Feet by Damian Morphou

  1. Tote Bags

Pink Begonias And Vintage Book by Sandra Foster

  1. Throw Pillow

Goat on the Yellow Background. Neon by Vitta

  1. Card Of The Week

Hazy Days of Youth by Cynthia Harris

  1. Bird Photo Of The Week

Balancing Talent by Heather King

  1. Animal Photo/ArtWork of the Week

Young Paddy… by Tracie Louise

  1. Endearment (Cute) Photo Of The Week

Can You Keep A Secret? by heatherfriedman

  1. Pet Of The Week

Autumn Playtime by trish725

  1. Feel Good/Humorous/ Photo Of The Week


  1. Classic cars/Van/Vehicles

See The USA In Your Chevrolet by CarolM

  1. Best T-shirt/Hoodie Design

Schlumbergera Truncata Macro by AngieDavies


  1. Writing Of The Week
The Hidden Mysteries

by JRGarland

Passionate souls reach out
From the deep caverns of the heart
To abide in the sheltered tapestries
Woven from the worlds set apart
Golden are the messenger’s intrigue
Arriving on the wings of Heavenly angels
Giving hope where none was seen
Unto the desperate lives beyond
Saints are born from believing hearts
Who accept the true words spoken
Against all logical and sound reasoning
Found in the science of the world
Let truth bare its own witness
Unto the living whose reality is told
That death may be swallowed up in victory
To reveal the hidden mysteries
Unto life’s eternal flow

  1. 1st Runner-Up
I Can Be So Many Different People

by Susan Werby

I can be me or someone very different just by putting on a hat.
Suddenly I am transformed into something oh so different.
Where I was shy before, I can now speak to strangers,
Making conversation, revealing a side of me that otherwise would remain deeply hidden.

Head held high, perhaps a red hat with a little veil will raise my spirits.
With a bounce in my step, chin up, arms swinging,
I smile and look to my left and right and then straight ahead.
People smile back and the euphoria spreads to all who see my red hat,
That glows like an aura hovering just above my head.

In the summer a straw hat becomes my friend.
I can instantly become a gardener or a beach beauty queen
Or even imagine myself to be the Queen of England at an afternoon garden party.
I would lift a tiny bone China teacup and daintily lift my little finger in a gesture of royalty.

A veil instantly creates a pretty bride, awaiting her groom.
Twirling like dancers on the top of a high cake, the veil floats gently away from my face.
My back arches gracefully as I am held firmly in this dance of love…and all by placing a veil upon my hair.

I think of Dr. Seuss and the Cat in the Hat…
Charlie Chaplin and his derby hat creating his Tramp character.
A top hat, cowboy hat, beret, cloche,
Porkpie, party hat, helmet or cap,
Feathers or fur,
Felt or cloth.
So many hats for me to wear
And become anyone I wish to be…

  1. 2nd Runner-Up
Falling Sky

by Donna19

Today the diamonds are falling in day
Reflecting the sparkles of promise to come
When night time falls and stars shine through
Each promise will lift and will surely come true

Oh to dance in the arms of warmth and feeling
To feel the desires within awaken and renew
Touching the secret heart of a tenderness found
Those lost joys of dreams coming around

As evening moves in like the fogs on shore
Quietly advancing with its wings of wanting
Sliding down the spine like honeys slow glow
Careful and sweet and true to its needs bestowed

Tonight the masses will celebrate this moving
In ways of old and bold and yes please my love
Champagne will flow and music will lift our souls
Skies will capture and return in spades the gold

To have so much and know its treasure
Will bring those moments desires with pleasure
Midnight kisses will spread in lovely waves
Strangers will meet and no one will behave

Happiness in life can find you tonight
It simply depends on your boldness of faith
Enjoy this rare night as the beautiful it is
Tomorrow you awake to life’s sweetest bliss

  1. 3rd Runner-Up
A Proverb for the Soul

by JRGarland

May the good out weigh the ill
And forever fill your heart with joy renewed
For passions break under a troubled mind
Whose loving compassions wrestles doubt
But joy renewed conquers all fear
Having refreshed the love in giving hope
And adding new life to restore the soul

CONGRATULATIONS to all featured Artists and Writers!!!!!
Keala Keala 1107 posts

Congratulations to everyone! :) These are marvelous!

Damian M Photographer Damian M Photo... 81 posts

congrats to all the feature, great work

kalaryder kalaryder 23566 posts

Terrific selection, congratulations to everyone

trish725 trish725 5215 posts

Congratulations everyone, super works :) Thanks so much, Evita, for including one of mine x

AngieDavies AngieDavies 783 posts

Thanks so much for including One Red Tulip and Schlumbergera Truncata Macro! Congratulations to all featured artists!!! Amazing work!!!!

Vitta Vitta 1367 posts


Robert Armitage Robert Armitage 370 posts

Evita , a stunning selection thanks or including my work and congrats to all the other artists :))

Lynn Gedeon Lynn Gedeon 1440 posts

Spectacular new featured works, Evita! Thank you so much for including my work! Congratulations to all those chosen!!

autumnwind autumnwind 13587 posts

Wow, absolutely fantastic features, both images and writing! Congratulations and happy new year to everyone!
Very honored to be here, thank you so much Evita for including my work! So grateful! Hugs! : ))) xxxxxxx♥

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 9674 posts

Congratulations to all Nicely done and presented by all..Nice viewing and selections..Congratulations to the writters wonderfuly written hugs…Thank you Evita for featureing ..MY MUG ..VISISION WITHIN THE WINGS OF A BUTTERFLY..TY KINDLY…AND TY FOR THE FEATURE YOU SURFERS HAVE NOTHING ON ME…CANINE SURFER THANK U SO MUCH I AM THRILLED TO RECEIVE THIS TY KINDLY…HUGS

ctheworld ctheworld 7811 posts

Wow! I am always blown away upon seeing your choices on display!
It makes it even better when I see one of my works in the mix! Thank you so much, and congratulations to everyone else!

Gene Walls Gene Walls 173 posts

This is such a fantastic assortment of gorgeous works of art, Evita! Thank you so much for including my waterfall photo to appear among these beautiful examples of the best of “The World As We See It…”!

JRGarland JRGarland 2577 posts

Wow Awesome works by awesome creators!! Super congrats everyone on a job well done and many thanks dear Evita for allowing two of my works to appear.

Heather Friedman Heather Friedman 1660 posts

What amazing talent!
CONGRATULATIONS ALL ! I am delighted to see one of my photos featured as Cute Photo of the Week! Thank you!

lynn carter lynn carter 937 posts

wonderful gallery, such a wide variety xx

Anthea  Slade Anthea Slade 303 posts

How beautiful. Congratulations to all talented featured artists and a happy 2015 to all. Thank you for awarding mr drawing of the week. With love and gratitude Anthea

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 2208 posts

Congratulations to all featured. Evita, thanks for including my Pink Begonias And Vintage Book as the Tote Bag Of The Week.

Shulie1 Shulie1 1300 posts

Many thanks for including my photograph “the usual mode of Transportation in Cuba” to this wonderful collection – congratulations everyone!

Donna19 Donna19 866 posts

Such a wonderful honor and encouragement. Thank you so much and congratulations everyone on beautiful work.

Donna19 Donna19 866 posts

Such a wonderful honor and encouragement. Thank you so much and congratulations everyone on beautiful work.

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9911 posts

Awesome selections!
Congratulations to all the artists and writers.

Trish Meyer Trish Meyer 648 posts

A wonderful start to the year with amazing selections, congratulations to all featured artists!
I am thrilled to find my “New Day Dawning” among this weeks selections, thank you Evita!

Sue Purveur Sue Purveur 826 posts

Thank you so much for including one of my images in this fabulous collection. Congratulations to everyone. Your work is stunning.

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