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Editors Weekly Choice Ending June 29th, 2014

Evita Evita 16366 posts

Hello everyone,

Once again it is time…… I don’t have to tell you it is very hard to choose among all the wonderful works submitted!
Editors choice this week are

  1. Photo of the Week

Milky Way Canyon
by Tracie Louise

  1. 1st Runner -Up

The Earnslaw
by Werner Padarin

  1. 2nd Runner-Up

Boma Moon
by Owed to Nature

  1. 3rd Runner-Up

Standing Strong
by PicsbyJody

  1. Sepia Photo of the Week

Where dreams come true !
by CanyonWind

  1. Black and White Photo of the Week

Downtown Elgin, Illinois
by Roger Passman

  1. Monochrome Of The Week

Winter Wonderland
by Gilda Axelrod

  1. Selective Colour

by Ladymoose

  1. Macro/Close-Up Of the Week

Old Timer
by relayer51

  1. Still-Life Of The Week

by Cynthia Harris

  1. Floral Photo of the Week

Butterfly on Comumbine
by Roger Passman

  1. Dedication Of The Week

by Susan Werby

  1. Child/Children Portrait – Photo\Artwork Of The Week

thoughtful …
by autumnwind

  1. Candid Photo Of The Week

Mulot markets, Kenya
by indiafrank

  1. Surreal Artwork

by ╰⊰✿ℒᵒᶹᵉ Bonita✿⊱╮ Lalonde✿⊱╮

  1. Photomanipulation Of The Week

Hide And Seek – Zinnias
by Sandra Foster

  1. Textured Artwork Of The Week

Richmond Bridge
by Cynthia Harris

  1. Painting Of The Week

July 4th
by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

  1. Abstract of the Week

Lost in Blues (A 3D Kaleidoscopic Maze)
by Charldia

  1. Digital Art of the Week

Japanese girl
by andy551

  1. Landscape of the Week

Summer Forest Tranquility – Beautiful Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada
by Georgia Mizuleva

  1. Seascape/Waterscape of the Week

Volcanic Sunset 2.0
by Tracie Louise

  1. Beach-scape

Marigot Bay, beach dreaming
by Linda Jackson

  1. Street-Scape

Double Rainbow Over Lyme, Dorset UK
by lynn carter

  1. Cityscape of the Week

Day's end
by su2anne

  1. Nightscape

Victoria Day 3
by John Velocci

  1. Country Of The Week


Andare…lontano…lontano da qui!
by Guendalyn

  1. iPhone Case

Beauty and The Beast 2013
by Sherri Nicholas

  1. Tote Bags

Revelation 6-8 A pale Horse.
by CanyonWind

  1. Throw Pillow

Red Poppies
by Vitta

  1. Collage Of The Week

The Kelpies
by ©The Creative Minds

  1. Card Of The Week

Take Me Along With You ~ Teddy Bear
by SummerJade

  1. Bird Photo/Artwork of The Week

Very Colourful Mandarin Duck
by Chris Randall

  1. Animal Photo/Work of the Week

by Ladymoose

  1. Endearment (Cute) Photo Of The Week

His journey begins
by Heather King

  1. Pet Of The Week

Chihuahua and the Sunset Kayak Trip
by Corri Gryting Gutzman

  1. Best T-shirt/Hoodie Design

by Sherri Nicholas


  1. Writing Of The Week
Mornings Speak

By Donna19

Into the air the graceful fly
Wing-ed flight it’s down soft by
Flutter flit the feathers land
Tumbling loft left to hand

Footprints mark a passing thought
Left as one whose wanders sought
Shells fill in the void left by last
Sand remains to fill it’s cast

Abundant sounds the Oceans wave
Greeting time with those who brave
Lost no more among lilting mass
Life bows it’s head in joy of last

Each that know the jewel of being
Live not the lost but long the seeing
Beyonds embrace a welcomed new
Gives ready that we seek as but our due

So flutter flit the days on end
Know the love and to others lend
Shore the worry that washes free
That tides return and take to Sea

Unless until the Gulls leave know
A song that lifts above the low
Shines the Sun in mornings speak:
“rays appear to lift your sight”
“It is the path of loves sweet light”

Good Morning!

  1. 1st Runner-Up
Winter’s still

By su2anne

There is no bloodbath
Not even the echo of a cry
Yet the amputation appears complete
During one of ‘those’ moments;
When the shutters had come down,
Cauterisation must have occurred
For the life of me
I DON’T remember
Words, feelings mostly dissipate
Into the ether of my frozen breath
(and I dare not dwell amongst the ghouls of hell
For fear of truly becoming lost)
Somehow I must evolve
Grow anew
Yet my winter is here
And I am still
My heart hibernates
Fingers ache from the chill within
Clumsily I grasp at what brittleness remains
My bones bare of all but what necessitates the wait
A tear from an age ago crystalised on my cheek
Holds within it the hope of my spring
12 June

  1. 2nd Runner-Up

|black noise

By autumnwind

it concerns the on-switch
the expectation
then the realization of power outage

it is palpable
the viscous ooze in the crevices
of the knowing of crows
waiting, just waiting
to pick…pick…pick

Be brave (she whispers)
and while you’re at it
clean the refrigerator

what about
those moments in between
the whirrrrrrr of too fast
from frozen to explosion…
the speed of light
is fine for stars and suns
black holes and nuns
in the madness I lose my balance
ashen and fevered
I get lost, distracted

Forgive (she whispers)
and always make your bed

lingering in fields of poppies
the fragrance of her perfume
the door so fiercely beckons

There are many doors (she whispers)
Bloom with the lilacs
and wash your hands

naked on the flatlands
no real premonitions or assurances
though the hunger is strong
with wind’s deep gusts of enticing fortune
my stomach growls

Then fly (she whispers)

…a deep breath…

  1. 3rd Runner-Up
A Captain’s Salute

By JRGarland

I search for your face upon a crowed beach
It seemed endless and I was so unassure
Yet the songs of the seagulls and dancing Dolphins
Gave me hope that my search would not be in vain
A sunny day with a few clouds passing shade
As I listened to the waves rolling in, I wondered
What you would be doing when I finally greet you
Would you be laughing and playing or dipping in the sea
Or would you be lounging around under an umbrella
Then there you were, seemingly dazed and confused
As if searching for someone you have lost
Our eyes met and a great relief was witnessed
Our massive search had finally come to an end
You greeted me with a smile and I returned a salute
And said, “Greetings me lady, I’ll be your captain
Upon this, your voyage of your dreams.”
Then the alarm went off and the dream had ended
What a way to start the day refreshed and renewed
Yet dreams, be it told, are much better than reality
I can only hope that I may continue once again tonight

CONGRATULATIONS to all featured Artists and Writers!!!!!
✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 9843 posts

Congratulations to all Nicely done and presented by all..Wonderful writting and reading!! Wonderful selections and viewing awesome!! Thank you Evita for The Surreal Artwork Feature ..I am honored and thrilled to receive this amongst all these wonderful writters and Artists pictures which are wonderful in themselves..Ty Evita for all you do making this special for us all hugs ty

Vitta Vitta 1047 posts

Thank you so very much for Feature!!! Congratulations to all Featured Artists!!!

Guendalyn Guendalyn 2092 posts

GRAZIE , THAnk you 1000!

su2anne su2anne 1548 posts

a truly wonderful selection Evita
congratulations to everyone!!
x suzanne:))

wildpatchouli wildpatchouli 1319 posts

A lot of hard work and effort gone into this page yet again by Evita – thank you. Lovely selections and congratulations to all the artists. Thank you also for choosing one of mine. x

wildpatchouli wildpatchouli 1319 posts

…whoa – TWO of mine!! So honoured,

lynn carter lynn carter 851 posts

Congratulations to all xx

Chris  Randall Chris Randall 9 posts

Congratulations to all Featured Artists

RickDavis RickDavis 797 posts

Congratulations Everyone! Excellent Selections Evita!

wolftinz wolftinz 2223 posts

Absolutely fabulous work this week, congratulations to all !!!!!!!!!!!

kalaryder kalaryder 19097 posts

Terrific selection, well done all

Werner Padarin Werner Padarin 1032 posts

congrats to Tracie for that great milky way photo of the week and to the other faetured artists – great work – and very honured to have my steamboat in this selection, thankyou!

CanyonWind CanyonWind 3557 posts

Congratulations everyone. Top notch works,but what else can one expect from such a talented group of people. Thank you Evita for including my works with such talented people.
Big hugs.

autumnwind autumnwind 9434 posts

Awesome congrats to everyone!! An amazing honor to be among you! THANK YOU EVITA! : ))))) Hugs! xoxoxoxxxoxox♥

SherriOfPalmSprings Sherri Nicholas- SherriOfPalmSp... 2816 posts

BIG CONGRATULATION TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL ARTISTS AND POETS, YOUR WRITINGS ARE JUST GREAT …I always take my to ro digest everyone of your art or photography, and so happy to be included Evita amongst this array of art..
Thank you so much for this honor…especially having.. I AM…… BEAUTY AND THE BEAST..

Gilda Axelrod Gilda Axelrod 178 posts

Thank you Evita for including my photo “Winter Wonderland” in your picks for the Editor’s Weekly Choice – I’m so honored!!! Congrats to all the other artists – what a truly lovely collection of art!! My photo is certainly in good company :D

WhiteDove Studio kj gordon WhiteDove Stud... 915 posts

always an honor to be here……congrats to all…..aloha.

Sandra Foster Sandra Foster 2093 posts

Congratulations to all featured! Thanks for selecting my Hide And Seek – Zinnias as the “Photomanipulation Of The Week”.

Charldia Charldia 130 posts

Thank you for including me in this awesome collection. Congratulations everyone,, the Art, the Writings, the Photos are fantastic

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 9920 posts

Awesome collection of images, Evita.
Thank you so much for including Miss Mia.

Owed To Nature Owed To Nature 1209 posts

It must be hard for you to curate these collections each and every week, but each and every week you pull it off beautifully and fill it with such delight and enjoyment… THANK YOU Evita and Congratulations to all the Artists and Writers selected!

Susan Werby Susan Werby 2684 posts

Fabulous gallery once again, Evita!!! My congratulations to all featured artists and writers- your work is outstanding!!! So very honored to have my Watercolour included, Evita- thank you!!

Linda Jackson Linda Jackson 56 posts

Thank you so much Evita! What a thrill! congrats to all! have a great one!

SummerJade SummerJade 1343 posts

I am honored to have my birth announcement card in this awesome gallery.
Thank you very much, Evita, and congratulations to all the other featured artists! ♥☺♫

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