The Woman Photographer **only 7 submissions a week.**

A group to showcase women photographers

Recent Work

  • Bright Autumn Morning by Themis
  • Happy Accident by Jessica Manelis
  • Autumn begins by Themis
  • Ducks At Dusk by Laura Puglia
  • Sage and Golden Light 3 by Rachael Martin
  • Rainbow Bokeh 3 by Rachael Martin
  • Making a big splash by lizdomett
  • Daisy Gloriosa at the Pond by Heather Friedman
  • Erect & Prickly! by Heather Friedman
  • The Golden Saxophone Player by Stwayne
  • Aspen tree forest in Boulder by Jacinthe Brault
  • The Hopeless Ape by Stwayne

About This Group

This group is to celebrate the Woman Photographer. A place where Women of all ages can come and showcase their photographic masterpieces! For anyone born or who identifies as a woman.

All photos must be your absolute BEST work!*

Keep all images tasteful and please make sure if you add nudity to the group that it is artistic and has a purpose. This is not a porn-friendly group and if I don’t think it hits the mark I will remove it. Thanks so much!!!

Host: Jenny

Avatar Challenge Winners..2013

Summer breeze
by smilyjay

June 2013

by Glitterfest

MAY 2013

The Way You Look Tonight
by Evelina Kremsdorf

March 2013

By candlelight…..
by Carisma

February 2013

The Woman Photographer
by TriciaDanby

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