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Recent Work

  • Imagine - Abstract 33-Wall  Art + Products Design  by haya1812
  • Christmas Polar Bear by Matty723
  • Japanese Dragon by DandyAngelica
  • Abyss by umantsiva
  • Flower people by lenaliluna
  •  Iconic Alien Women: Marilyn by umantsiva
  • Abstract Waterfall Wave Vortex by blackhalt
  • Dinosaur playing electric guitar. Tyrannosaurus or T. rex. Vector illustration. by features2018
  • funny bear dressed up in frock, furry art illustration, fashion animals by features2018
  • Football fan. Fighter with baseball bat. Brutal pitbull gangster with baseball bat by features2018
  • cartoon of skull ride a skateboard by features2018
  • Katya3 by ururuty

About This Group


We want to show the World your Worlds of Fantasy

We accept all types of Fantasy .. The Spiritual .. The Weird .. The Hero’s .. Creatures of Myth & Magic .. Aliens and their Worlds .. All things Sci_Fi .. The Supernatural .. Enchanting Mystical Places

The group is open to all types of artwork .. digital art .. paintings .. photo-manipulation .. certain types of fractals .. check the RULES carefully

We accept Tee Shirts and Stickers but NO all text Tee shirts

We accept all cases, pillows, totes, mugs and duvets

We DO NOT accept standard photos

We would love to see your work … BUT PLEASE READ THE RULES

OUR SISTER GROUPS .. Come and join us

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