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3 artists, 1 parameter, Spiral Pong!

plunder plunder 837 posts

autumngirl, Fiery-Fire and myself are ponging back and forth using parameters provided by autumngirl. So this is how it works….one of us provides the parameter. We tweak it and upload our image, then send the parameter to the next person who tweaks it and uploads their image, that person sends the parameter to the next person and we repeat the process over and over. It is an excellent way to learn and grow using your program. So, let me know if you would like to PONG!

I will post the new images we have done as this set of parameters circulates between the 3 of us. As it stands we have so far:

*Spiral PONG
Image 1 Fiery-Fire

Image 2 autumngirl

Image 3 plunder

Image 4 Fiery-Fire

Image 5 autumngirl

Image 6 plunder

Image 7 Fiery-Fire

Image 8 autumngirl

Image 9 plunder

Image 10 Fiery-Fire

Image 11 autumngirl

Image 12 plunder

Image 13 Fiery-Fire

Image 14 Fiery-Fire *

There is more to come!

Fiery-Fire Fiery-Fire 3779 posts

Hahahaha..OMG !! Debs and Michelle I have not fractaled faster at nite as this one !!!
Thank you for awesome pong-play and tons of emails LOL

viennablue viennablue 2410 posts

great work by all of you gals, stunning stuff :-)