The Tropical Zone *** 2 Per Day***

A collection of the finest and most beautiful flowers and foliage, as well as raindrops, feathers and exotic locations around the world

Recent Work

  • Maireana carnosa by kalaryder
  • Banana Leaf by ANoelleJay
  • Jaguar Evenings by Nic Squirrell
  • Marianthus erubescens Putt.  - Christmas Rock, Wongan Hills  by kalaryder
  • Looking back - The Bateleur Eagle - Terathopius ecaudatus by Magriet Meintjes
  • Krying in Kauai by linaji
  • Indian Peacock displaying a plumage by Zina Stromberg
  • Leaves Bloom Always by ANoelleJay
  • Tree at Buntine Rocks Dalwallinu by kalaryder
  • Jaguar Days by Nic Squirrell
  • Lines Of Sky by WildestArt
  • I've Come Home as a Butterfly by linaji

About This Group

The Tropical Zone is a dynamic new group devoted to the finest and most beautiful photographs of flowers as well as paintings, watercolours and many other mediums of fine art. We are focused on the most beautiful images of florals and foliage by our many talented members around the world. We are also accepting beautiful macro images of raindrops, water droplets and feathers. Works may include all mediums of fine art including Fine Art Photography, Oil on Canvas Paintings, Sketches, Watercolours, etc.

We ask that you only submit your best work into the group. Please Read Group Rules for more information.

Before you join, please be aware that your work when featured will be displayed on a Permanent Gallery and also it may be used as an Challenge Avatar
It may from time to time be displayed on our Group’s Homepage as well…
And that by joining this group you’ll be consenting to the above..

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Butterflies Challenge 2014

Sunset On A Swallowtail
by Phyllis Beiser

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